The High King Lives

My intro on wordpress March 2, 2011

Hello, my name is Amber Dover and I am a writer. I am currently working on a series called The Truth Seeker’s

Chronicles. It is what I call “Inspirational Fantasy”. This blog records my journey. I originally started a blog with and if you’d like to see my earlier entries you can visit this site:

As you can see from my profile I am a Christian and my books have Christian themes. I think of my book as a cross

between The Chronicles of Narnia and Pilgrim’s Progress but in laymen terms :). Basically it’s easy to understand except

maybe a few names but I will include a nice pronunciation key. I am not a published author yet but hope to remedy

that this year. I plan on going Indie and using Kindle as well.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

When you think of my world imagine communist China in Middle Earth. My main character Emmanuel lives in a world

where the truth is suppressed. The rich supernatural history of the world is considered myth. The people are governed

by the harsh legalistic Rohab. The land is covered in drought but a strange mist is rising. Emmanuel is about to

discover that what he thought was only a fable is really the Truth. Join Emmanuel on his quest as he faces the ultimate

evil and discovers creatures and places only seen in fairy tales. Coming soon….