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The Craft Bug April 20, 2011

Well, since I don’t want to bore you with word counts and other tedious details of writing…or of me not writing 😦 *blush of shame*. I figured I’d share with you my other passion: stealing people’s arts and crafts ideas. Okay, I guess it’d be nicer to say that I’m resourceful and utilizing what is before me. Or maybe I’m living vicariously through other artists originality. Hmmmmmmmm………

Any who, I am a homeschooling super mom. Well maybe minus the super but I can multitask and that should definitely qualify as a super power. I LOVE ART! So what better way to teach and to have fun with my son than to get crafty? So I want to send a big THANK YOU to That Artist Woman, Pink and Green Mama, and Creative Jewish Mom. You ladies are my heroes! Seriously I steal all your ideas but atleast I give you credit. So to show my love for all things crafty I’m going to post a picture parade of our art endeavors and list who I got the idea from. See, blogs can do more than just distract me. They’re useful 🙂 Speaking of blogs….here’s a new writing blog to check out:



Plague of Frogs for Passover

Moses parting the Red Sea Diorama

Bejeweled Goblets for Passover


Sensory Boxes: Rice, Coffee beans, and Ocean Plus homemade mermaids

Sensory Boxes: Spring Box and Moon Box. The Moon box was my own idea

Homemade Geo-board

Felt Vegetable Garden


Snowmen family portrait

Penguin Valentine

Valentine’s paperdolls

Postcard from Paris

Handful of Shamrocks

Bunny Willow

Mosaic Cross

Honorable mention to:             who also has some very crafty ideas 🙂

Recycled flower Garden

There’s a few more but I think the parade is long enough 🙂 Once again, thanks to the wonderful ladies who inspire these ideas! God Bless to all and remember: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way! & Chin Up!*

*quotes courtesy of Mom and in honor of Dad


2 Responses to “The Craft Bug”

  1. so fun to see your version of the crafts I’ve shared! I feel like such the proud mommy! It’s certainly not stealing, the whole point is that readers take the ideas and use them! If you could make the name of my blog into a link on the post, that would be great. all the best!

  2. amberdover Says:

    TY so much for stopping by! 🙂 I’ll do my best to make it into a link….I’m not sure how but I will try 😉
    God Bless and thanks again for all your ideas! ~Amber

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