The High King Lives

They don’t even know Him…… January 11, 2012

               Tonight I was looking up Christian pictures on Pinterest. I found some lovely pictures of Jesus. But people had also posted some vulgar and sacrilegious pictures mocking Him. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream “How can they treat Him this way? They don’t even know HIM!”. I guess it’s easy to disrespect someone you’ve never met or should I say someone you’ve forgotten. Afterall, Christ fashioned us all in our mom’s womb. I think if people truly knew Him they wouldn’t be able to help but to love Him. How can you mock the very one who made you….the one who died for you……how can you hate the greatest hero of all time? It’s scary who we miss when our lives are full of distraction. It’s a shame for sure.

                  Moving on….I found a lovely picture that makes me think of a chapter in my book. I’ve been writing again since October. I’ve gotten serious this time.. I try to write atleast a half a chapter every Tuesday and Thursday. Anywho, here is a pic of the Lion and the Lamb:

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Here is a small taste of what is to come in my first book (an unedited excerpt from Chapter 2 rough draft):

A spotless white lamb lay on the icy altar…blood poured from it’s side.

Emmanuel rushed to the animal. “Who did this to you?”

A bloody dagger appeared in Emmanuel’s hands. A look of horror spread over his face. The blade fell from his hand.
“What is this?! I didn’t do this!”

 Suddenly the lamb let out a roar. Emmanuel hid behind an icy chair. He could smell hyssop as the lamb’s body transformed into a magnificent lion. The lion then grew into the form of a man. The man was so bright Emmanuel could not bear to look at him so he covered his eyes.

“Who…who are you?” Emmanuel shivered.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)


Here is a picture I have up in my office. This picture fits the above scene really well.

I’ve been doing alot of research on peasants in medieval times. Can you believe they used hay and manure to insulate their walls? Talk about gross…….oh and they never bathed.  Yeah, I couldn’t handle it for sure lol.

Anywho, I’ve changed the title of my first book. Instead of “Opening of the Oracle” it is now called “The Curse”. My goal is to have books 1 and 2 (atleast book1) of The Truth Seeker’s Chronicles published within a year. Please pray for me though. I have had many distractions and I’ve had a hard time with pain lately that most likely stems from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hereditary collagen disorder my Dad had).  He had Vascular type.

My symptoms have gotten worse every month…it seems like my body is turning against me. I know the Father can heal me. I have faith. Yet, if He chooses not to heal me (atleast the way I expect) I will still trust him. Every man must face death and all our days are numbered. I trust that God has a plan for me & I believe along with homeschooling my son that these books are apart of my calling. I am eager to make these my legacy.

God Bless and remember: “The High King lives!”

~Amber Dover

EDIT: July 2015 I was tested for Ehlers Danlos years ago and thankfully I do not have it. I believe most of my pain and symptoms stem from Endometriosis. I’m still working on my trilogy.


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