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Virtual Friday: Beautiful places in Second Life January 20, 2012

Hello hello friends and welcome. If you look to the right of my blog you will see I have some new categories. Each day of the week has a different theme that I will blog about. Today is Virtual Friday ūüôā

Here’s my description of Virtual Friday:

Join me for an adventure in the virtual world. Where will I go next in Second Life? I’ll make sure to bring back pictures and maybe a story about my journey. I’ll discover beautiful sites that can only be found in the virtual realm and I’ll tell you about my experiences with the diverse people who stay in them. (PS: click on the pictures to see a larger image)

What is Second Life? Here’s a little video that says it all:

What is Second Life?

I found SecondLife¬† about 3 or 4 years ago. I was sick and in the bed and I needed a remedy for my boredom. It was Christmas time and I believe the loveliest time of all in SecondLife. There is snow everywhere and some nifty Jazz clubs that play Christmas music. I have joined many groups and have met many interesting people from around the world while in this Virtual land. Once I even attended a virtual “wedding”.

I’ve lived in many role play communities and have rented several places. The best for me was the mermaid community. I love all the under water scenery. I also loved Tombstone, AZ. I lived in a Native American village and also in the Western town. There are many interesting places to explore and your avatar can be whatever it wants to be. SecondLife is great for people with physical disabilities who can’t travel in real life (or for people like me who can’t afford fancy vacations lol).

*Warning~ I do not recommend SecondLife for children (including Teens) because it IS a social world and there are many different types of people in it. Some people get on SecondLife to do bad things and often you may run into a pervert. So you do have to be careful where you go and who you talk to in any virtual world.

          But if you know the right places to explore and you find the G-rated clubs you will meet some great people. I really enjoy Club Eternal & The Fire Escape. These are Christian clubs where you can enjoy Christian music, live worship, prayer groups, and Bible study. There are also book clubs and real businesses in Second Life.

The Fire Escape -Christian Rock Club –

SandzabaR {Yeshua Adonai-Christian}

Moving on… I want to share with you a few interesting places I explored recently. As you will see, my avatar is now a little girl avatar. I find the child avatar to be easier to dress modestly and also less pervs talk to you when you’re a kid.¬† For my safety and privacy I will not reveal my SecondLife name.

#1 Narnia (Aslan’s How)~ Here is the description from the creator: “Aslan’s How is a sim with a Narnia theme that incorporates Christian ministries such as Apologetics,Theology, and Bible study. Come for the Narnian or Christian themes, just like you do when you read the books of C.S. Lewis”

(Visit¬† Aslan’s How: Visit Commitments (30, 139, 13))

I found Aslan’s How to be a very enchanting Sim. The scenery was gorgeous as far as the landscape. I do think some of the houses (like Mr. Tumnus’ house) could have been decorated more. But overall I enjoyed the sim. The background music was peaceful and there were several little nooks to enjoy some alone time. Here are my pictures starting from the wardrobe and ending in the forest.

I’m not done exploring Aslan’s How (Narnia) because SecondLife crashed before I could finish. If I find other interesting spots I’ll make sure to post them.

#2 Rainbows  (Visit Rainbows (4, 233, 23))

This Sim has a lovely castle based on a real Welsh castle. I really enjoyed all the secret doors and hiding places. There was a large room with a nice fire place. It was very comfy. You could also go on the balcony and look out to the sea and watch a lightening storm.

#3 Butterfly Kisses (Visit Butterfly Kisses (114, 75, 21))

This is a completely girly sim. There is a movie theater that plays Disney films, a 50’s diner, a bowling alley, and a cute fair ground.¬† Best of all this is a G-rated sim. If you are in the mood for ice cream and pink happiness then Butterfly Kisses is perfect for you.

#4 Pravatch       (Visit Pravatch (238, 225, 3))  A lovely ocean sim. This is a great place just to swim.

Here are some beautiful winter sims. These were great for photography.

Visit Languedoc Coeur (233, 205, 23)

Visit Hutchinson Parish (146, 99, 24)

Visit Echo Lake (99, 142, 21)

But there’s no place like home…kickin’ back and watching SL television. I won’t tell you where I’m renting though. I’ll just say it’s nice being able to change the scenery and props in my rental.

If you plan on spending much time in SecondLife I highly suggest that you find a cheap rental. You never know when you’ll run into an awkward person that you need to teleport away from. Also it’s good to have a private place where you can change your wardrobe and gather your thoughts.

Note* I do not have a premium account anymore & I believe they are unnecessary. It is much cheaper just to rent land or even just an apartment. I enjoy being a free spirit and living in different sims.  And if money is tight your avatar can always go homeless. There are lots of free changing rooms and hotels available if you search for them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Virtual Friday. If you get a chance to, jump on SL and check out these nifty places. Then leave me a comment with your opinions ūüėČ

God bless and remember The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover


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