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Hear the Writer Roar Tuesday!: Point Of View January 31, 2012

Hello hello, friends! Welcome to Hear the Writer Roar Tuesday :). I’m reading this awesome book called “Self-Editing  for Fiction Writers, Second Edition: How to Edit Yourself Into Print”.  One thing I’m learning is that Point of View is very important. There are some POV’s that only seasoned writers can get away with. It’s best to find one  approach to POV so you won’t confuse your readers.

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There are three types of POV:

  • First Person- using the “I” voice and talking to your readers
  • Third Person- In between first and omniscient. Using “he”, “she”, and “they”
  • Omniscient – this is God mode. You’re not inside a characters head. You are able to write things your characters don’t know about. Perspective

First Person gives a reader intimacy. You get to know the character well but the downside is that you have a narrow view of the rest of the world. Omniscient gives a broader scope (perspective)  but you lose all intimacy. Third Person is the happy medium and what I prefer. It is also what the experts recommend….especially if you’re not a seasoned writer (like Francine Rivers or Shakespeare). When you use third person you can use different techniques to go back n forth between intimacy and narrative distance.

I’m not saying you can never use First Person or Omniscient. You may do very well in these areas. I’m just saying the “experts” are saying Third Person is usually the best. I will say that if you change your POV too much you will drive your readers crazy. You want your writing to flow.  So I’m learning it’s best to stick with one POV method.

Well this was another short post. I hope you have an inspiring week. If you have a chance check out “Self Editing for Fiction Writers”. It’s full of good stuff and discusses all this in detail. If you do please leave me a comment with your opinion. God bless and remember The High King Lives!


~Amber Dover


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