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Crafty Monday: new use for that recalled crib, pom pom sundaes, & homemade welcome rugs February 6, 2012

Hello hello friends and welcome to Crafty Monday :). Today I’ll be showing you a few projects I got off Pinterest and actually tried. I have an announcement (getting out the megaphone…). My hubby has lovingly suggested that I don’t blog everyday. He says I need to actually focus on writing my book. He has a point so from here out I may skip certain days one week but then do those posts the next week. But don’t worry….I’m not abandoning you. I’m so blessed to have subscribers and I’ve enjoyed checking out your own blogs….lots of creative & poetic people. I love it 🙂 I hope to get my book published this summer so I really need to hunker down and get it done.

Moving on…..I made a cute centerpiece for the month of love. It’s not as detailed as those I saw on Pinterest but it worked for me. I just shortened my winter tree, took off the snowflakes, added doves & hearts, and then painted a pot white & wrote “Love” on it 🙂

#1 Uses for that recalled crib 🙂

A magazine rack ~from the side rail

A desk or craft table from the main part of the crib & then use the rolling drawer as a book shelf. We took the bottom out of the rolling drawer and set it inside the crib over the slats. Thank you Hubby for doing all the handy work on this one! 🙂

#2 Pom Pom Sundaes

I got this idea from:

Simply take a cupcake liner and glue colorful pom poms to it. The above blog put a cotton ball on top and then the cherry….her’s looks so much better but hey it’s all in good fun. We were lazy and just took a spiky pom pom for the cherry….I didn’t have green wire so I took some golden wire for the stems. We decided to use glitter on the top instead of sprinkles. Our stuffed dog “Blew” (that’s really how we spell it…long story) likes the sundaes enough lol.

Oh I almost forgot….you make the straws by drawing colored boxes on a square piece of paper. Then you roll the paper, glue or tape it, and cut off the ends….voila! straws!

#3 Homemade Welcome Rugs

I found this idea on a lady’s blog…not sure which one. But she basically took a plain mat and painted it with fabric paint. I, on the other hand, just found some carpet pieces in the closet. My hubby cut them into rectangles and I painted them using acrylic paint (hopefully that won’t be a problem). There’s one for Valentine’s and for St. Patrick’s Day. I may make another one later….My rugs look a bit childish and off balance but I made them with love.

Well, friends I LOVE to hear from you. Please leave me a comment and if you get to try these ideas please let me know. I want to see your creative side. Also, feel free to leave me your own ideas and crafty links 🙂

For more ideas check out my super duper Pinterest:

God bless and remember The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: new use for that recalled crib, pom pom sundaes, & homemade welcome rugs”

  1. edrevets Says:

    My sister’s getting married and as maid of honor I should help out with stuff, but I do not enjoy crafting. Therefore, I admire crafty people for their patience. Well done.

    • amberdover Says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂 Yeah it’s better when you actually enjoy doing it. I’m not always original…I usually find other people’s ideas and try them. If you and your sister need wedding/shower ideas you could try Pinterest….you just use the search engine. There’s tons of stuff on there….from crafts to recipes. I helped plan my Mom’s wedding and boy it was alot of work. Prayers that it all works out for you 🙂

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