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My Family Rocks!Sunday: My mini bucketlist~Medieval times & the Ga Aquarium February 19, 2012

(My son and I doing “chemistry”)

Hello friends and welcome to My Family Rocks! Sunday :). We had a busy weekend and I want to share our experiences with you guys. First off, I want to say how truly inspired I am by people with illnesses who just get out there and travel. I love it when people fulfill something on their bucket list. I am really inspired by my friend Sheri ( who has colon cancer. She’s going to Cambodia with her family in March. Also there’s Xavier (I posted his blog earlier today) who went to Italy for his Make-A-Wish.

For those of you with illness, you know traveling is different when your body has so many limits. I’ve dealt with chronic illness for several years now but I’m just starting to learn I have limits (that healthy humans don’t deal with). It really hit home when we stayed at the beach in October. I wasn’t able to walk very far before I had to sit down (pain & exhaustion). Eventually I curled up in a chair & just watched my hubby and son move around.Ā  Ehlers-Danlos (or whatever this is) (*Update: It’s not Ehlers-Danlos, praise God!) is very random so I have good days and bad. I’m learning to always locate the bathrooms wherever I’m at. Also there must be lots of places to sit and rest. I must have salty food with me just in case my blood pressure drops and I can’t expose myself to the cold very long or different things inflame. Also, Endometriosis causes major issues once a month. Other than that it’s not so bad. I’ve yet to encounter what some of my friends deal with while traveling etc. So I applaud you guys…you are brave.

Anywho, I made a bucket list because I hope to experience many adventures before I meet Jesus face to face. Also, I want to take my family along for these adventures. I’m the planner in my family so usually I organize all our outings. My hubby could sit at home watching youtube videos all day & be happy lol (I love you honey!). So I have to kind of nudge him out the door. My little guy, Michael, is very much like me when I had energy. He would travel every day if he could. He’s like the energizer bunny. I guess I’m in the middle. I push myself (usually despite pain) because I know none of us know when we will take our last breath. We must make every moment count.

Moving on…. A bucket list is a list of things to do before you die. My mini bucket list is things I can do in the next year or so. My major bucket list is things I may not be able to do for awhile (because of health, finances, time etc…). Here is my mini bucket list and two I have checked off this weekend:

1. Visit Helen Ga (Go tubing?)

2. Finish my book and publish it

3. Visit Cumberland Island (photograph a wild horse)

4.Visit Aspen, CO (stay in a cabin…see snow)

5. Visit New York City ( See Belvedere castle in Central park)

6. Visit Forks, WA

7. See the River Fires in Rhode Island

8. Atlanta~ Medieval times, Aquarium (sleep over in the aquarium), and the Varsity(again)

9. Biblical Antiquities

10. Treetop excursion (climb to the top. Sleep in a tree?)

Here’s my major or “Extreme” bucket list just for the heck of it:

1. Visit Israel & walk where Jesus walked

2. Visit the Black Forest in Germany (see Castles, woods, and clock making shops) (This one should be at the top)

3. Visit Ireland (see ruins)

4. Drive up the coast into Canada (making stops on the way) and stay on Prince Edward Island. Experience Anne of Green Gables

5. Visit Hawaii- take a cruise?

Anywho, I may expand my list in the future. I’ve had longer ones but they were rather far fetched… own a coffee shop….sprout wings etc etc…… I don’t even like drinking coffee. I just love to smell the beans.Ā  As you can see from my pictures we enjoyed the Ga Aquarium & Medieval times this weekend. We also ate at the Varsity which is all about experience…..not taste. Gotta love the greasy goodness…

I really enjoyed Medieval Times because I was able to sit, eat, and be entertained. The aquarium was interesting…..just alot of walking and a huge crowd. But my guys had a blast & that’s all that matters. Enjoy the pics šŸ™‚

My lil man was a court Jester. I made the felt hat he wore šŸ™‚

We ate with our hands. I felt like such a glutton. They just kept piling on the food.

The show was great! I love sword fights and jousting. If you’ve read many of my posts you know I’d sprout wings & be a fairy princess if I could. I love the time of chivalry. I would miss my computer though….and indoor plumbing.

Oh to be a Medieval Princess…..sigh…….

We were told to cheer for the Green Knight….the only evil knight. He was nice in person lol. Go green!

A kiss by the roaring fire šŸ˜‰ Lil man is quite the photographer…

The Aquarium was neat. I do not recommend going on the weekend. It was SO packed! Maybe one day we can stay the night and have the place almost to ourselves…..

Woohoo! Penguins!

how cool it would be to swim with a dolphin….

We took alot of pictures but there’s too many to post. Do you have a bucket list? If so please leave me a comment with the top five on your list. Have you checked off most of your list? If you don’t have a bucket list I hope you make one. Maybe you could start out small and local… take a painting class…..go see a play. Then you could expand it to other states and countries. I’m finding there is so much to do locally if you research.

I really enjoy Lesley Carter’s blog:

She blogs about her bucket list experiences and also hosts other bloggers. I enjoy living vicariously through her šŸ™‚

God bless and Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover


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