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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Adorable Persians & the drunken birds (plus mini food & mail 4 kids) February 26, 2012

Hello dear ones and welcome to My Family Rocks! Sunday :).  What did my family do today after enjoying a lovely Sunday morning at church? We came home and watched funny youtube videos while eating lunch. Last night I had a complete OCD spell. I found a link on Pinterest which led me to a cute squirrel video on Youtube which eventually led me to some adorable & funny Persian kitty cat videos.  So naturally I had to share these with my family and now with you 🙂

                                             (My guys camping in the living room last night. May these days last forever…)

What’s even more hilarious than the cats is how the owner dresses them. These must be their only children because seriously they are just like children. Garfield must’ve been a Persian…..

Here’s a very funny Youtube video that can’t wait til Thursday 🙂

                                                                                 (Lil man dressed up for Crazy Day at AWANA’s)

Children love to get mail. There are two things that Michael gets super excited about when the mail comes: his mailbox club lesson and his Highlights Top Secret Adventures.

My son is enjoying learning about other countries with highlights. I’m surprised he even got an invitation since it’s for 7-12 yr olds and he’s yet to turn 6. But I’m glad it came. With Highlights Top Secret Adventures your child learns about different countries while solving mysteries like a spy. When Michael got his in the mail he read the letter telling him to come to India and he thought it was REAL! lol He asked me why they wanted him to go to India alone without me and his daddy. He was really worried. ROFL 🙂 I explained to him that it was pretend then we pretended to fly to India and we both  “became” super spies on an adventure.

I am a big fan of The Mailbox club. These are Bible lessons through the mail. There are courses for children AND adults. Also they are completely free! When you complete a course you will get a nice certificate in the mail. These Bible lessons have been in the family for generations. My Dad became a Christian when he was 7 because of the mailbox club lessons. I did these lessons when I was 4 and all through Highschool. I believe they helped me have a solid foundation in the Bible and they prepared my heart to accept Christ.  My Dad also had a ministry using mailbox club lessons where he reached people in our community. Now my son does the Mailbox club lessons with his Nana. I believe they are the reason for Michael getting saved at such a young age. Michael got several of his friends to start the lessons as well. These Bible lessons are reaching kids all over the world. They are fun and it’s such a joy to finish a course. If you check out the website you may be able to read the founders testimony. He had a son that died at 7. Since then (a long time ago) he has been reaching children (if he’s still alive….not sure).

You’re probably wondering where the drunken birds come in. Well, our back yard has been blessed with a ton of birds lately. Usually we get small brown birds but these new birds are huge and loud! They are EVERYWHERE :). One huge bird that I call the godfather has taken up residence in our bird house (the one that is falling apart…it seems none of the birds like our brand new bird house).  Well, the godfather sits on the post and orders the other birds about. It is SO funny!  My hubby figured out why the birds are so loud. We have alot of Cherry Laurel and Chinaberry in and around our yard. It turns out these two  trees actually make the birds feel drunk! That’s why they are chirping so much! Isn’t that hilarious 🙂

Lastly, I have found two tasty recipes in Pinterest that are great for quick lunches and snacks.

Mini corn dogs and pizza rolls 🙂 They are super simple too.

I didn’t take a picture of the pizza rolls. For the pizza I just used shredded cheese instead and I formed the crescent into a little stuffed roll.     (Pizza rolls)

Well, that’s all folks. Hold your family tight and cherish every moment.  God bless and remember The High King Lives!

~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “My Family Rocks! Sunday: Adorable Persians & the drunken birds (plus mini food & mail 4 kids)”

  1. Tishrei Says:

    Hi, I cracked up over the “drunk birds.” I love birds, have my own living here with me and have been rescuing the wild birds when they are in need and then releasing them. But your story about the drunk birds reminded me of a video I saw a few years ago. I don’t recall which country in Africa, but these monkeys, and zebras, and other vegetarian wildlife would show up at this particular tree area where the fruit was falling. There was so much fruit falling that the animals could not eat it fast enough. It was fermenting and the animals were eating the fermented fruit — and yeah, they were DRUNK that they were falling over and walking zig zag, etc. It was funny but then I was thinking about the predator animals so I hoped that they were safe from predators until they sobered up.

    Cute photo of your guys camping out. 🙂

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