The High King Lives

March 2, 2012

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Happy Virtual Friday! Again I am reblogging. I have actually visited this ballet studio in SecondLife but I’ve yet to watch a performance. I hope everyone is seeing the whole articles when I reblog. If you click on the name of who posted it will take you to the full article. I’ll be honest gang. I may not post much this weekend. I am physically, emotionally, and probably mentally exhausted. Well enjoy the post. God bless and remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

Gridjumper's Blog

There is an exciting, affordable  potential for attending classical ballet performances even in light of educational cuts in the arts and curtailed field trips.  The creation of this virtual ballet art form does not come without an intense amount of work and dedication and the results awe an appreciative audience just as a ballet in the physical world does.

Attendees at the Ballet Pixelle TheatreTM  participate in a unique performance experience.  The ballet company  (formerly Second Life Ballet) was hosted by IBM on Second Life for three years,  and is now independently hosted and run by  the Founder and Artistic Director Inarra Saarinen. Performances are all held at Ballet Pixelle’s home theatre on Second Life, a beautiful sim with a stage and plenty of seating.

Dancers in the digital ballet company include an international group of artists in the physical world; dancers, musicians, and digital artists.  An understanding of…

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