The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Witnessing in SecondLife? March 16, 2012

I found this article that’s probably old but it had some good points:

I definitely agree that you have to be careful where you go in SecondLife. I have given virtual Bibles to people in SL and I’ve been to prayer meetings and Christian clubs. But I am still an introvert even in the virtual world. I prefer to visit neat places and see beautiful art rather than talk to people (shame on me).  Anywho, there have been a few places where I had to lose a creepy person or people were barely dressed…so I had to teleport out of there. But overall if you research where you’re going first and you keep the same moral standards you have in real life then you should be ok. I rarely talk to guys on SL. I may have prayed for someone in a prayer meeting or something but if a guy tries to talk to me usually I run away lol. It’s just my way of protecting myself from temptation. I am the same way in Real life. My hubby is usually always with me if I’m talking to a guy. I try to avoid the appearance of evil.

Every once in awhile I like to visit this church in SL:

Here’s the SLurl for Calvary Chapel:

(Here’s me listening to preaching. This is when I had an adult avatar. The pics a bit fuzzy)

God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover


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