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A Late Crafty Monday: Resurrection Garden, coffee filter Easter eggs, & mini pies April 3, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 It’s a late crafty Monday (prob should say crafty Tuesday now). I’ve been super busy with this bday party for my son. I wanted to share more Easter crafts with you and show off my mini cherry pies. If you read last Monday’s post you’d know my son just had his first Easter egg hunt. I explained in that post why at one time I thought Easter was pagan & what changed my mind about it:

I’m really enjoying celebrating Christ’ Resurrection most of the month rather than just one day. I truly believe Easter should be a big deal like Christmas. Obviously we should think of the Resurrection daily but holidays have a way of cementing the memories into our hearts. Holidays are especially important for children. I pray my son remembers this Easter forever.

#1 One craft I LOVE is the Resurrection garden. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Some call it the Hill of Calvary. Ours is a mixture I guess. We didn’t have the time to grow the actual grass for our garden so we just dug up some flowers and formed the Hill.

Then we glued sticks together to make the crosses. We used salt dough to form the tomb. We painted the tomb grey and also painted a rock to go in front of it. We have small rocks being used as a retaining wall for the hill.

#2 Coffee filter Easter eggs

This is super simple. You just cut coffee filters into egg shapes. Then you draw designs using markers.

Carefully mist the “eggs” with a water bottle. The colors will spread out. Make sure not to get it too soggy.

Once dry you can display them by using contact paper. 🙂

#3 Mini Cherry Pies

These were delicious and SO easy! All I did was buy pie mix. I made the mix and formed cup shapes with the dough. I put it in cupcake liners. Then I spooned cherry filling into each pie. I took the remaining dough and used it as a lid so to speak. I just rolled out a circle for some….took a tiny heart cookie cutter & cut out the heart shape you see. For others I took the dough and made a cross shape. I took the heart cut out and put it on top. I pinched the top of the pie and the sides together so the filling wouldn’t come out. You can do this with any pie. These are the perfect serving size too! 🙂

Other Easter Ideas that we may try this week:

Also, I found some great Easter decorations at the Dollar Tree.

Well, God bless & remember The High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Have a Happy Easter!


4 Responses to “A Late Crafty Monday: Resurrection Garden, coffee filter Easter eggs, & mini pies”

  1. nikky44 Says:

    You must be so patient to be able to do all that!!! It’s just perfect!

    • amberdover Says:

      awwl 🙂 you’re so sweet. Actually I’m probably the least patient of people. I find keeping a schedule helps. When things are chaotic I get super stressed. I’m not quite a drill sergeant but we do have order….most of the time. Now if I had more than one kid I’d probably get alot less done. Michael’s at a good age where he can help out alot. Everyone pitches in around here too so I’m not the only one doing chores. Boy if we get off schedule you can tell though…everyone gets snippy. It’s especially hard when my hubby is working and going to school at the same time…….then you throw in Karate & church…& me trying to write a book etc…….we’re like a three ring circus. So I’m on my knees alot praying “Jesus please keep me together.”

      I’m finding alot of moms I know are going through the same thing. I just seem perfect in the crafty area cause art is my thing but I am horrible at sports and eating healthy. I have moms who are the perfect soccer mom or their kids eat vegan (no sugar etc). But they’re impressed with my craftiness lol. Well, I am impressed by their good health and physical abilities. I really wish I could go hiking etc but I’d faint. My illness limits me. Plus I’m so amazed by my friends who have so MANY kids and they’re like Betty Crocker lol. I’m only doing this well because of prayer and cause I only have one child to focus on.

      I find if we don’t fill our time with something then my son gets destructive and I go spastic. And plus I’m reliving my childhood through him. I enjoy the crafts just as much if not more than him. We’re going to see Disney on Ice soon and I am SUPER excited :). I can’t imagine living in the adult world. I don’t know what I’ll do when he grows up and I don’t have any excuse to be childlike. I guess I’ll just focus on writing children’s books or making peg dolls for people. Maybe people will overlook me when I become the eccentric cat lady….people already say I’m unique ha! I’ll have to buy some Peterbald cats and dress them up as children…or maybe me and the hubby will finally have money and we’ll just travel the world. He’s a big kid too. But for now…my son is my cover 😉

      luv and blessings!~Amber D.

      • nikky44 Says:

        That is a BIG smile for you!!!! You are doing great, but I also feel other mom’s are doing much better in other fields so i feel guilty and try to do more etc. I think we should never compare ourselves to anyone, and just do the best we can.
        I have 3 children and 2 jobs, so no time for creativity. You mention illness? I hope it’s nothing bad. You are unique and funny and so very kind!
        Love and hugs,

      • amberdover Says:

        wow! Yeah you have ALOT on your plate :). You’re right. We should never compare. God made us all different for a reason. We should embrace our differences and enjoy who we are. I’ve been dealing with chronic illness for years. I believe it’s most likely the rare hereditary disease my Dad had. I don’t know for sure but my symptoms match what I saw him deal with. Ehlers-Danlos is a collagen disorder….it makes all body symptoms weak. Sometimes things break down at once…other times it’s random and weird. I was sick alot during the winter. I’m feeling much better in the spring. It’s painful but liveable. The only big danger is my Dad had the Vascular type…so like his heart or lungs could stop working at any time. He died in 2009 at age 46. I just pray my son doesn’t have it. Anywho, I am SO happy it’s spring…I’ve got alot more energy! love ya!

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