The High King Lives

My Favorite children’s author (my sister Jen) April 12, 2012

Hey folks, I want to introduce you to my sister Jen. She is writing these awesome stories based on her real life dogs. They are detective stories. She is incredibly talented and I’m pretty sure you’ll see her work on the market soon. So keep up with her on her blog:

Also my sister had a question and I have no clue how to answer her. Can you wordpress vets help me out?

She was wondering: Any idea why my first post only shows a small part, and then a link to keep reading the rest of the post?  I know your blog just scrolls down as content is added.  I like that better.

I would be forever grateful if you helped us out ((hugs))

God bless and remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

PS: Oh and she’s my big sister


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