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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Homeschooling, other thoughts, & the easiest Cheese Danish April 15, 2012

Hello friends and I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. What a week for controversy. Hilary Rosen’s comments have stirred up alot of debate on whether stay at home mom’s actually work. You know I don’t do debates in my comment area. That’s not what this blog is about. If you want to debate you can always check out these two blogs & comment there:

What stay at home moms would be making if paid:

The second blog is about homeschooling.  I don’t want to debate with anyone but I do want to share my own experiences as a stay at home mom and a homeschool teacher. I’m including pics and at the end a recipe ;).

  •            First, let me say that I don’t believe every one is called to homeschool. Some people have to work outside the home to survive. Now I’m not talking about moms working so they can keep their fancy car & manicures. I’m talking about moms who live for their kids and have to work to put food on the table. My mom was a single mother and she busted her butt working two jobs & going to school. She was always home when I got home from school though. Yes, I went to public school.
  • If you don’t believe homeschooling is your calling then don’t homeschool. God made us all unique. What’s important is that you love and do what you think is best for your kids. No one should tell you how to parent.

Most people who are against homeschooling know very little about it or they’ve met one of the few extreme families that probably shouldn’t have been homeschooling in the first place.

I truly believe being a stay at home mom is a calling and schooling my son one of the greatest things I’ll ever do. I definitely can’t do it without God’s help. I knew in Highschool that I wanted to homeschool my children. There were a few homeschooled kids who switched to public school their freshmen year. I had met them before in community theater. They were super brilliant and became popular fast. I had a few friends at church that homeschooled their kids as well. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with different age groups and some of my close friends were in their forties. I would help babysit and I got to see how they homeschooled. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I knew that’s what I wanted for my kids. To be fair, I did meet one homeschool kid who went to public school & got wild. But I think that had more to do with his personality and the way his parents were. Statistics show most homeschoolers are not that extreme and they actually do really well in the world.

Anywho, I was a Junior in Highschool when I felt God’s calling on my life. I had wanted to move away and go to Bible college in Iowa or go to the mission field. But during a time of prayer it was made clear in my heart that I wasn’t supposed to go off to college but instead I was supposed to stay and get married …to be the woman of God behind the man of God. Few times in my life have I been so certain of a calling…..this was one of them. I wasn’t dating at the time and it seemed crazy. My Senior English teacher was so upset that I didn’t want to go to college. Because of this decision I didn’t take math at all my senior year. English was my only core class and the rest were electives like art and band…computers etc. I actually had fun that year. My parents were very supportive of my decision and they didn’t push college on me. I had other family members who tried to change my mind but I know they were doing it because they cared. I’m 27 and I don’t regret my life at all.

It wasn’t until after graduation that I fell in love with my soul mate and we were engaged. I was 19 when we got married. I spent the year of my engagement volunteering and keeping busy with ministry. Most of the engagement my hubby was in training for the army. I also worked a bit to raise money for my wedding. I spent alot of time in prayer and Bible study that year and it really helped me. I did go to Bible college for 6 months but it was at a satellite school set up in a church. I loved learning how to write sermons and how to study Hebrew and Greek in a lexicon. Also, learning the Greek alphabet song with a bunch of old guys was hilarious! My youth minister (who also married us) was the lead singer of a Christian rock band and sometimes I would travel with them to sell t-shirts etc.  They weren’t huge but they did have some neat venues. God really put all the pieces of my life together.

When my son, Michael, was born I soon learned that the call to be the woman of God behind the man of God didn’t just mean my husband. It’s become clearer that my son was the man of God (my husband is too). I haven’t seen many young children with such a passion for Christ.

I worked at an early learning center before my son was born. I loved hanging out with the kids and at first I thought I had found a career. But then I got pregnant and other kids got on my nerves lol. I decided I just wanted to take care of my own and leave the work force (plus I was SOOOO sick). Anyways, I took care of alot of the wealthier children. These kids were at the best “daycare” but they missed their parents so much. These were not moms that couldn’t afford to stay home…..some of these people probably did stay home and didn’t have time for their kids. I realized that the other ELC workers were actually the ones raising the kids from babyhood to school age. The workers had to give the mom’s advice about their own children. I knew one lady who worked at the learning center and had her kid in it too. You could see it killed her to leave her little girl with someone else. It’s like working so you can pay for daycare….makes no sense.

I didn’t want to parent other people’s children. Deciding to stay home was the best decision I could make for my son. I know not everyone can do that. We truly are blessed. We aren’t rich and we live without certain luxuries but it’s worth it. I know my son is getting an education he couldn’t get anywhere else…it’s tailored to his unique style of learning. Michael loves to draw so we use Draw Write Now in our studies…teaching him how to draw and to write. He’s doing some 1st grade material and some second grade. He reads on a second grade level. We also do alot of art and music….some science. I don’t really limit him….if he wants to learn something then we will learn it. We learn history and geography….social studies……most of the time it’s fun and I’m learning with him. I’m not good at exercise so he goes to Karate for that.

Michael just turned six. I started school early for my own sanity. I found out that Michael was very creative and curious…..without structure he became destructive lol. So if I didn’t want garlic poured in my couch again (he was cooking) then I needed to give him more to do than just playing. So I started Pre-K right when Michael turned 3.

We’ve been super blessed to have a great support group. I’ve been going to a homeschool group for about two years now. We go on field trips and do science and art projects together….we’ve had show and tell etc…. The kids play in a gym or on the playground together. It’s been great! My best bud Hannah goes to the group as well. Our kids are two peas in a pod 🙂

We try to keep involved in the community. Every other Monday Michael and I play Bingo at a nursing home. The elderly really love seeing a young face and Michael gets lots of hugs. Our homeschool group was helping at a woman’s shelter for awhile. It was awesome seeing all the kids clean the place up. Through homeschooling I have met a wide variety of moms: yellow, black, and white….Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, Buddhists, and others. Some moms use a certain curriculum..others are eclectic. We have vegans…people with 4 or 5 kids….some with just one….kids with handicaps. One mom friend has overcome cancer. We have been exposed to so many different people groups. I’ve met a few homeschool families through family theater…..they’re like the Vontraps lol…all talented actors/actresses. I had never met a Muslim in person until I began homeschooling. So don’t be fooled into thinking all homeschoolers are alike.

Anywho, my point is…. all of this does take work and planning. I don’t sit on my bottom eating Bon Bons all day. True, my son is at a point where he can do most of his schoolwork without my help but getting the work together and planning it all out can take hours. Then I have to make sure he’s keeping on track and ummm….not being destructive. Then there’s all the cleaning and cooking that doesn’t always get done in time….especially when little man is home making the messes constantly. Art projects are messy. So our house is really lived in ;)……..even with both of my guys helping with chores things tend to pile up. I am the manager you could say…..I make sure we have food, bills are paid, animals fed, and that we keep on schedule. I’m also trying to write a book…..yeah, this stay at home mom does work.

And I do get paid….not just in kisses & hugs. I get a roof over my head and food….if we can afford it a good movie and some chocolate lol. I’m not making a whole lot monetarily but what I have is enough. It’s rewarding to see my son become a well-rounded and Godly little man. It’s nice to hear “thank you” when I’ve cooked a good meal for my family. And I’m thankful my husband works outside the home so I don’t have to. I wouldn’t want to…I’ve found my calling and I’m happy.

God bless and remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

Cheese Danish recipe

Easy Cheese Danish (made by Amber Dover. Idea from
> Ingredients:
> Yield: 1 large cookie sheet
> * 3 packages crescent rolls
> * 1/2 cup butter or 1/2 cup margarine
> * 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
> * 1 cup sugar
> * 2 teaspoons vanilla
> * sugar
> * cinnamon
> Directions:
> Prep Time: 15 mins
> Total Time: 45 mins
> 1. 1 Unroll 2 pkgs.
> 2. 2 Crescent rolls onto a cookie sheet, pinch edges together.
> 3. 3 Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla; spread over rolls.
> 4. 4 Unroll crescent rolls cut into strips, lace on top of cream cheese mixture.
> 5. 5 Melt butter pour on top of crescent rolls.
> 6. 6 Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top.
> 7. 7 Bake 350 degrees for 30 minutes.


10 Responses to “My Family Rocks! Sunday: Homeschooling, other thoughts, & the easiest Cheese Danish”

  1. nikky44 Says:

    You have a beautiful life full of love. Life can’t be only happiness, but it can be beautiful always with the bad and the good in it. Your life is beautiful.

    • amberdover Says:

      thank you sweety 🙂 You’re so nice to me. It is beautiful and it’s good to have that reminder. Yeah I may review a movie called “Life Is Beautiful” next Saturday/ Surprisingly, it’s about the Holocaust. God bless ((hugs))

  2. Tishrei Says:

    The church I attended before moving to a different state had a few families that homeschooled their children. In all the families that homeschooled their children, they were extremely well-behaved and were ahead of their public school peers in standardized tests.

    • amberdover Says:

      yeah, the majority for sure do good….there’s always those few extremes that people like to stereotype though. It really depends on the parents and their values. As for me, I want to prepare my son for battle so to speak. It’s a crazy world and he needs to be able to handle it. Plus I want him to experience all the beauty in the world too….like an explorer…I guess I’m his guide…and ultimately God is my guide…..

  3. GodGirl Says:

    Wow – thank you for sharing your story. It’s beautiful the way God has worked in your life, and you’ve found your calling. It’s wonderful how all your experiences have come together and you’re using your God-given gifts and talents in ways that are clearly such a blessing to others.

  4. lgrace57 Says:

    I am so proud of both my girls and the paths they have taken….excelling in whatever they do! Proud of your post Amber! love, Mom

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