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Crafty Monday: Peg doll creations & Creation tees for Earth Day April 23, 2012

Hello, friends šŸ™‚ (I”m realizing I use too many smileys lol). Welcome to crafty Monday. Little man and I have been so focused on his math these past two weeks that we haven’t been too crafty. Easter and piratey birthday stuff are over so our theme has been weather. April showers bring May flowers as you know ;). Yeah, next month will be all about bugs and flowers. I hope to get some crafting done this week. Here’s some of my ideas: Rain Stick and Wind Sock from

Also, I put together this lapbook:

So today’s post will be about past crafts and a fun hobby of mine…..making peg doll sets.

I am not quite a professional but I hope to perfect my art and maybe sell a few peg doll sets. Anywho, I’ll show you my dolls so make sure you can see the pictures :).

In the beginning I didn’t think much about sealing my work. So Michael’s peg dolls got scratched up fast. Recently I modge podged them all and they almost look brand new….except the Native Americans have lost their feathers.

My first peg doll set had a medieval theme. There’s a King, Queen, and Princess. Then there’s Robin Hood and Gisborne from BBC’s Robin Hood (I love that show).

I made a box for them later. The wooden castle and unicorn came from Michael’s craft store. I just hot glued it on. The baby Thumbelina was me playing around with salt dough.

Here’s the top:

My second peg doll set and the first one with a box was all about Fall. There’s Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin,Scarecrow, and Chester (our black cat).Ā  I will definitely be perfecting my fall tree because it’s rather pitiful.

Here’s the front of the Fall box:

For Thanksgiving we studied Native Americans and I made a couple of peg dolls to go with Michael’s teepee and his felt vegetable garden. Maybe I will make a box for them and some Pilgrims this year…..I could also incorporate a Thanksgiving table.

During Christmas time I made several peg doll angels for ornaments

Then I eventually made a Nativity box. I made the baby Jesus, Joseph’s staff, and the Magi’s gifts out of salt dough.

Here’s the front of the box. It’s a Nativity Silhouette.

Then came Pirates šŸ™‚ I really had fun making Pirate Annie (the red head). I got the wooden ship from Michael’s.

I didn’t make peg dolls for Valentine’s but I did make some nesting dolls out of salt dough. They look cute but I couldn’t get them to fit inside each other. I’m still learning…

For Michael’s St Patrick’s Day box I just threw together a few “Irish” peg dolls. I got the idea from Pink and Green Mama’s blog (link on my blogroll). They looked so much better when I sealed them with modge podge later.

Then for Olivia’s (Michael’s girlfriend) Mermaid party I made her a Mermaid box

This was the first doll set I’ve given away. I’m pretty proud of it. You can’t see but there’s a real baby starfish glued to the mermaid’s hair. I got the wooden Mermaid from Michael’s.

I’m thinking in the future I can do themed princess sets…fairies…gnomes etc. I’m still learning. Some of my dolls have faces and some don’t. I guess it depends on my mood. I’m glad I have several sets I can perfect and possibly sell. Others have mentioned Bible characters etc…I’m sure I’ll add to the collection. Michael won’t play with these forever….so I’ve got to find children who will.

We didn’t do anything for Earth Day Sunday but we did make t-shirts last year. So here are the pictures.

Idea from

Well, God bless and Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover


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  1. GodGirl Says:

    Wow! What gorgeous work!

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