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My Health: Praise God He Knows Best May 4, 2012

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Just a short update. I got my blood test back today and it turns out I am dangerously anemic. My Doc feels my body can’t handle a baby right now because it can’t even support itself. I was a bit shocked and freaked out when my Doc shared just how anemic I am….literally I’m just a few points away from having NO Ferritin/Iron. Anywho, I am taking a supplement now and making plans to see a doc that can help me figure out why I’m having the other issues that are causing this. Please keep me in your prayers.

I praise God that I found this out before it was too late. The doc acted like if I do nothing I could need a transfusion could even die. God truly knows best. He’s been protecting me all along and I have hope that I’m going to get stronger & eventually live a “normal” life again. Just another wake up call of how much I take forgranted…..

Had I never found those infertility forums then I prob would not have had the gumption to go to the natural clinic…and probably would need a transfusion soon….because it’s been getting worse. God uses different people to help us along the way…..I’m so blessed. love and prayers to all! ~Amber Dover

Remember The High King Lives!


5 Responses to “My Health: Praise God He Knows Best”

  1. jarnetha lewis Says:

    Praying for you and your health. Love you Amber. 🙂

  2. nikky44 Says:

    please be well, take care of yourself, and you are in my prayers, always.
    Love you

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