The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Peaceful places of reflection May 4, 2012

Hello dear ones and welcome to Virtual Friday, where I take you inside the virtual world of Second Life. Today I have three peaceful spots for you.

#1 End of Time Visit Crow (151, 146, 22)

End of time is a quiet place with beautiful scenery.

It was fun to explore. Don’t go in the cabin though…it wasn’t family friendly.

#2 Yosemite Visit Landscapes Unlimited (111, 171, 22)

This re-creation of Yosemite was lovely.

#3 Grifio Art Gallery Visit Three Rivers (31, 160, 23)

Grifio art gallery features talented artists from around the world. Many of them you may not have heard before. Another good reason to check out the virtual world 🙂

When I got there I found a pretty place to sit and a little cat greeted me. Then I went inside to browse the artists. There were some really good pieces….

and some really bad pieces. I didn’t like the pictures below. Everyone has their opinion.

You can click on the pictures and they will tell you who the artists are and the address for their websites.

This particular artist had stunning work which I later found was photo manipulation. I just loved it 🙂

Well, God bless and Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover


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