The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Biblical Explorations in SecondLife May 11, 2012

Hello dear ones and welcome to another Virtual Friday where I take you into the world of SecondLife.

I found an interesting place in the virtual realm the other day. It’s a place full of Biblical exhibits. One thing I didn’t like was how a certain doctrine was pushed in one of their signs. I can’t and don’t agree with the Seventh Day Adventist beliefs. So just know up front that this place does have that doctrine and I don’t support it.

Moving on, I did like a majority of their exhibits though and I think they did a great job artistically. So enjoy the pictures 🙂 Remember you can click on them to see them larger.

Biblical Explorations in SecondLife

Visit Great Controversy Island (162, 13, 22)

There were a few pictures of creation and inside this pyramid they had a theater but I was unable to get it to work. I do have an older viewer.

I loved the Moses exhibit. It begins with Moses as a baby and goes through him helping to deliver Israel. My one wish is that they would’ve shown the burning bush.

They did a good job with the plagues.

The plague of darkness was particularly clever. I didn’t think they’d show this plague but as I began walking this dark cloud covered me and I couldn’t see for a bit.

The blood on the door post for Passover….

And once we all made it out of Egypt we danced with Miriam 🙂

There was the temple with the ark and the priests lighting incense

Also there was a replica of Daniel’s lions den

beautiful nativity

Well, God bless and remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

PS: I got carried away with a bubble toy….hopefully the neighbors won’t say anything lol


18 Responses to “Virtual Friday: Biblical Explorations in SecondLife”

  1. nikky44 Says:

    Looking at the photos is like living in a fairy tale!

    • amberdover Says:

      awwwl 🙂 I’m glad they encouraged you. Yeah, it’s a great place. I was amazed….. ((hugs)) & Happy Mother’s Day!

    • amberdover Says:

      lol I’m so silly…..I thought this was a comment for when we went to the Biblical place in real life lol……..sorry………yeah SecondLife is neat. You have to be careful though but if you research you can find good places 🙂

  2. nikky44 Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day my friend!!!

    • amberdover Says:

      thank you 🙂 luv ya!

    • amberdover Says:

      I’m sorry if this is too personal of a question and I understand if you don’t feel comfortable answering. I was just wondering if you are still in Lebanon or did you move to another country? I was reading today and saw you grew up there then saw you talk about the village. For some reason I thought you lived in a city in the USA but then I read “village” and that didn’t sound like around here.

      • nikky44 Says:

        You can ask all you want 🙂
        I still live in Lebanon, but in the city. we only go to the village from time to time for the week end. I never lived in the USA.

      • amberdover Says:

        wow……how far is that from Jerusalem? I want to visit Israel someday. My husband says there was war there (in Lebanon) a couple of years ago…..I don’t watch the news much so I don’t know details. That makes me worried for you even more. ((hugs))

      • nikky44 Says:

        War started in 1975, and it is still ongoing. We are having now periods of calm, then a big war. Last one was between Lebanon and Israel in July 2006. Jerusalem is very close to us, maybe 2 or 3 hours by car, I’m not sure because we are not allowed to go there. The war between the two countries is ongoing.

      • amberdover Says:

        ((hugs)) I understand now why you can’t leave your situation :(…….it’s not fair. I want to cry for you. War really is Hell…..I only know a small bit of war from when my husband was in the army and deployed twice to Iraq……but I only saw pictures and heard from him

      • amberdover Says:

        I read it earlier..that is so sad. So you’re a Christian then but there’s persecution? Do you ever have to worry about terrorist in the streets? or not lately….when I do watch the news it looks scary over there but I know sometimes the media only focuses on the bad. My husband is researching your country for me. I’m sorry for being so naive. I feel like such a spoiled American brat right now :(. Forgive me for my complaints & whining when you are going through so much more….. ((hugs))

      • nikky44 Says:

        never feel guilty for not knowing more about our situation or for complaining. I think everyone has different issues to face, and God only allows what we can handle. I am Christian, Catholic. We have a lot of crime but I think it’s the same all over the world. As for terrorist’s attacks, it is not like in Iraq happening almost everyday, but it’s now more like assassination of political leaders or kidnapping cases.We always have threats from Israel, but their last attack was in 2006

      • amberdover Says:

        thank you for that. I live in the south of the USA so I don’t see too much crime. I don’t really go to the areas that have the crime. Our city isn’t very big. The scariest thing I’ve experienced like that was once I went to a bank on the bad side of town. The police were handcuffing a criminal but he got away from them and ran right in front of my car and the police followed him out into traffic. Since then I have avoided that part of town. I have never traveled out of this country and I haven’t been too many states either. I hope to travel though and I hope to see things from a different perspective. I know we are rich in America compared to most places….even our poor isn’t as poor as other countries. I never want to forget the hardships others have and I hope I can help somehow. I’m just heart broken for your situation. I want to visit Israel because Jesus walked there a long time ago. But I know God loves all people and all races and he wants everyone to come to know His salvation through Jesus Christ. In the end the real war is happening spiritually over the hearts of people. We were never mean’t to fight each other :(. Once again Nikki you have encouraged me….the more I look outside my little bubble the better off I am…. ((hugs))

      • nikky44 Says:

        War has no excuse, never had and never will have. We are all brothers, and it’s only a fight over power, over material things. If anyone would look with the heart, with love, there will only be peace in the world. I also wish I can go and visit Bethlehem, unfortunately it’s impossible, but last Sunday I visited a sacred place in Lebanon. Maybe I can share pictures with you. It is The grotto of Cana, where Jesus had his first miracle!! It was so beautiful. I was thee last Sunday!

      • amberdover Says:

        yes I’d love to see pictures 🙂

      • nikky44 Says:

        It’s on my son’s camera. I will ask him to download them tomorrow 🙂

  3. lorettalittlefield Says:

    Cool Amber!

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