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Crafty Monday: Ants & Ladybugs May 21, 2012

Hello friends, welcome to crafty Monday! Well we’ve only got a week and a half left of our bug studies with Danielle’s Place. If you’re new to my blog you can click on the Crafty Monday link on the right panel & you will see the last two bug  posts I did. I encourage you to check out these neat Bug/Bible studies at

This was was great fun because we did ants and ladybugs. I love ladybugs almost as much as butterflies. My papa was a farmer so I grew up knowing just how helpful ladybugs are. I also enjoy studying ants (though I don’t like them inside the house). Here is a pic of our Ant lapbook.

The Ant study was really kewl. We learned that a wise man/woman watches the ants and learns from them. Ants are always working and preparing. No one tells the ants what to do. They just do it. So Michael is learning to do his chores and take care of himself etc without being told. Also we learned about the many different types of ants in an old insect book I have. Let’s just say I never want to go to Africa….the ants are scary there. We did a test to see what foods ants like best. We put out banana bread, a marshmallow, and a M&M. The marshmallow won out & I think the M&M was too hard for them to bite. Hardly any ants got on the M&M.

There was also a memory verse game.

And we kept a few ants to watch. The dirt was too dark to see the ants though. Next time we’ll have to use sand or something. Oh as you can see in the pic we’ve also started a little greenhouse (Thanks sis!) to grow a butterfly garden.

I love the story of the ant and the grasshopper. Michael really seemed to enjoy it. For those of you who haven’t heard it: the grasshopper is lazy and procrastinates. He doesn’t store up food for the winter but the ant is constantly working. The grasshopper doesn’t understand why the ant won’t play and relax. He thinks they have plenty of time. In the end the grasshopper starves because he hasn’t saved up food but the ant lives. The movie “A Bug’s Life” kind of plays with this storyline. We watched the movie at the end of the week and it was wonderful to see all the many bugs we had learned about.

(Pic Deleted in Case of Copy Right)

Also, I made Michael an ant hat from construction paper. At first little man wouldn’t wear it. He said it was too silly but later he popped out with it on. He pretended he was an ant and “bit” his dad lol. He drug toys into the living room (his ant pile).

Then Michael put on a very dramatic play about two warring ant colonies. I rated it pg-13 for the violence ha! 😉

We also learned about Ladybugs. Ladybugs kill some of the harmful insects that eat our crops. We learned that we should be helpful to and kind to others just like the ladybug.

I made ladybug snacks from strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate chips. They tasted good but they didn’t look so swooft. My fruit was frozen and got very mushy when it thawed. We also didn’t use licorice for the legs like this recipe suggested:

You can tell my son is all boy because he had a blast eating the “heads” off of the ladybugs lol.

For our craft we made lady bug magnets out of painted bottle caps. After we painted them I cut out cardboard to glue to the back and put the magnets on the cardboard. After we glued on the eyes I modge podged them to make them shine & to seal in the paint. I also made a bee magnet. Some of our eyes don’t match so it’s a bit silly.

I LOVE Michael’s Craft store. There’s so many neat wood crafts to paint & I always catch the sales. We’ve had the wooden ladybug paper holder (pictured below) for over a year. Michael did most of the painting but I used a black paint marker for the spots. I used modge podge as a sealant. The poor bug lost it’s antennae :(.

Lastly, we learned about walking sticks and how bugs use camouflage. We talked about how we are supposed to stand out for Jesus and not try to fit in with the crowd.

Overall, it was a wonderful week and even I learned a few new things about insects. Here are a few craft ideas etc that we did not use but you may be able to integrate it in your own studies.

I really wish we could’ve made these for snacks:

Health update: I’ve had more energy so that’s helped. Sometimes the iron pills make me sick and cause stomach pains but that comes and goes. I really overdid it geocaching this weekend. I’m so excited about this extra energy but I really need to pace myself. I’m praying I’ll be healthy enough to go on vacation with my family…maybe camping. Here’s to hoping.

Well, God bless & Remember The High King Lives!~Amber Dover

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3 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Ants & Ladybugs”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    cool and interesting as usual!

  2. nikky44 Says:

    I admire you for the time you can put in these activities

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