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Crafty Monday: Fireflies, Dirt Pudding, & Holiday Crafts (Pentecost & Memorial Day) May 28, 2012

Hello Friends and Welcome to Crafty Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ We have one more week left of our bug studies and then we will be learning about the Ocean and planets.ย  If you’re new to this blog you can check my last couple of Monday posts and see the other bug studies. Bug Buddies is a study through Danielle’s Place (link below) that teaches about bugs and the Bible.

This week we learned about Inch Worms and how God’s love is immeasurable. Enjoy the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

We also learned about Mosquitoes and how we should be good friends like the lady bug….not bad like the mosquito.

Then we made fireflies. We really enjoyed this craft. The idea comes from:

For a special treat we ended the week with Dirt Pudding. Dirt Pudding is also my husband’s favorite dessert. You can tell from the pic that lil man enjoyed himself.

Don’t you just love the gummy worms sticking out? LOL it looks a bit gross but the taste is delicious….I promise I didn’t put real dirt in it ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the site for the recipe:–2693/wiggle-worm-dirt-pudding.asp

For Memorial Day I made another homemade rug out of leftover carpet. I used my sandals as stamps. I saw a rug in Family Dollar that had flip flops on it etc….So I thought I’d try to make my own. It’s definitely patriotic.

For Pentecost we made this dove painting. It didn’t quite turn out like the original in this post:

It still looks neat though.

We also made a Dove and Tongues of Fire paper chain. It’s hard to see it in these pics. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit whom Jesus sent after His Resurrection (on the day of Pentecost).ย  The tongues of fire represent the flames that appeared over the disciples’ heads when they were given the Holy Spirit. They spoke in tongues and in the Greek it’s clear they spoke in known languages (not gibberish).ย  They were then able to preach the gospel in many different languages and everyone understood them.

A few scoffers mocked them and said they were drunk but most people listened and many believed. The apostle Peter went on to give a lengthy gospel presentation to show that they were indeed sober & that the prophecies were fulfilled. The whole point of Pentecost is that they were empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel. It wasn’t about an emotional or selfish experience. It was all about winning lost souls for Christ. Many people call Pentecost the birthday of the Church.

Pentecost is also a celebration of God giving Moses the Torah (including the Ten Commandments).ย  Last year we celebrated Pentecost with my buddy Hannah and her kiddos. We made salt dough commandments, tongues of fire head-bands, and stained glass “windows”. Oh, there were also tissue flowers.

The kids also enjoyed dancing with flags.

Several years ago Michael and I made flags for Pentecost. The flag below I made. I can’t remember what it says because it’s written in Hebrew but I think it says Love, Peace, Messiah etc etc….something like that.

Have a happy Memorial Day! God bless & Remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

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4 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Fireflies, Dirt Pudding, & Holiday Crafts (Pentecost & Memorial Day)”

  1. Ann Says:

    All of it is so neat. Saw dove on frig.,looked great! I tasted the yummy pudding, after I got past the looks! ha! love the lightning bugs! really loved your welcome mat……loved spending time with you guys today…thanks for a great memorial day! love, Mom

  2. GodGirl Says:

    What amazing creativity! Well done. And Happy Pentecost!

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