The High King Lives

Virtual Friday: Machu Picchu June 1, 2012

Hello friends and welcome again to another Virtual Friday.  It’s time to go around the virtual world with me.  Surprise surprise! SecondLife has a Machu Picchu. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the real thing but it looks good and the school that put this together has a bunch of posters you can click for info.  This will be short and sweet today. I only have a few pictures. Enjoy 🙂

Visit USMP 3D (102, 51, 67)

The real Machu Picchu is in Peru and it’s an Incan site 7970 feet above sea level.  That’s a lot of stairs….

Look they have llamas 🙂

It’s really hard to get good pictures in a place like this. It’s just too big. Those of you who know SecondLife will know that if you move far enough away from something it completely disappears.  Photography is completely different in the virtual world. Virtual Machu Picchu is nicer in person….ummm avatar. Oh btw that’s my flying horse in the back :).

Well, I’ve had a long day. Time to write in my book then reward myself with Zelda. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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