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Media Saturday: We Bought A Zoo June 2, 2012

Note: please keep me in  your prayers. I’ve got an infection and I’m on antibiotics now. I feel like the plague and I’m frustrated.

Hello dear ones! I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend 🙂  Today will be another short and sweet post. Recently, I saw the movie “We Bought A Zoo”. It had good parts and a few bad parts. Overall, I would caution parents to watch this movie for themselves before letting their kids see it.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

“We Bought A Zoo” is a touching tale based on a true story. Benjamin Mee is a Father of two who just lost his wife.  His young daughter Rosie is precious but Benjamin’s preteen son, Dylan, has major issues. The kid is getting in to trouble at school and he spends all his time drawing morbid and gruesome pictures (warning thematic material…not suitable for young children).  Benjamin himself is haunted by his wife’s memory so he decides to give his family a new start. They find a beautiful home in the country….but there’s a catch. There is a zoo on the land and Benjamin must agree to take care of the zoo if he wants the house.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

The zoo has been shut down for awhile and Benjamin must help the colorful zoo workers get the place in shape. Benjamin not only faces financial troubles but his son hates the place. Rosie on the other hand is thrilled and goes around saying “We bought a zoo!”.  This is a sweet story as father and son learn to reconnect and heal from loss. Also the bond with the animals, particularly a certain tiger, is precious. There are a few minor curse words sprinkled through out. The movie is rated PG but I would not recommend it for small children. Older youth and adults will understand the thematic situations and will surely enjoy this film. Four year olds will probably repeat some bad words and ask “Mommy why is that boy drawing dead people?”

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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