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My Family Rocks! Sunday: “Poetry Man” (poem for Father’s Day) June 17, 2012

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Hello friends! Happy Father’s Day! I want to share with you the memorial message and poem I read at my Dad’s funeral in 2009. I guess you can call this a tribute to my Dad. I believe it’s fitting for this day :). Please do not copy. Thank you.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Amber’s Speech at Jim Way’s funeral
Oct 3rd, 2009

Before I read my poem I’d like to say a few words about this great man Jim, my Daddy. Daddy could do almost anything. He was a jack of all trades so to speak. He was a chef, a Mr. Fix-it, a musician, a singer, and he used to dance like most white men couldn’t. I’m sure he’s putting on a show in Heaven with his dance moves.
This wonderful eccentric man once woke me and my cousins up at midnight hooping and hollering as he jumped on a pogo stick. He put his back out but we’ll never forget that. Daddy always joked with his nurses and CNA’s …making them smile with flattery and the occasional flowers he would give. Daddy always had to have fresh flowers in his room.
This amazing one in a million man once held in a man’s insides for 45 minutes until the EMT’s came. The man was split from his chest to his leg. Daddy saved that man’s life. One thing for sure Daddy knew Jesus and they were absolutely best friends. Dad’s faith and friendship with God was so apparent even to his earthly end. He witnessed and prayed for everyone who stepped in his room. Daddy reached so many people for Christ. He reached out to people that most would look down on.
And everyone knows he was a mama’s boy. Daddy sure loved his mama. And his only grandson, my lil boy, Michael, was his heart. Daddy loved his family and all people with everything he had. Now most of you have heard this saying that describes our stubborn Jimmy……There’s the RIGHT WAY, The WRONG WAY, and then there’s the JIM WAY.

Intro to the poem: I’m going to explain why I call my poem what I call it. I’m going to read a couple of lines from Daddy’s poem ”Long Time Going” :

“Let me tell you about myself, they call me the POETRY MAN. For with my pen, it’s my objective to make you understand…”


POETRY MAN (Memorial version)

In memory of my Dad, James Way
By Amber L. Dover

Pancakes in the morning, love notes in my lunch,
holding your hand as we walk to the car.

All these things I treasure, I hold to them tightly,
as I reminisce on all that you are.

You combed my hair and made sure I said my prayers,
you kept me in line.

You helped me become myself and now I wish
I had more time.

You’re my Daddy and I’ll always be your girl.
You were the biggest man in my world.

As a child I walked upon your feet
as an adult I try to follow in your footsteps.

Now as I see you lying there,
I feel so very helpless.

I wish I could’ve taken away your pain,
and returned to you your song.

But I guess we wouldn’t know our need for God
if the world were never wrong.

The days grow bitter and cold as I let you go,
But you’re dancing with Jesus now on streets of gold.

Sometimes life seems so unfair.
But I remember the sunshine and I see you there.

I’m so tiny and you’re so tall.
I run and skip…you catch me as I fall.

You put me upon your shoulders
and with wings I soar!

You put me back down and I cry
“Daddy, Daddy, please once more!”

I see so much of you when I look into the mirror.
I know I’m stubborn as well.

But I also feel the strength you had
it grows with age I can tell.

I hang on to your wisdom,
I’ve imagined myself in your place.

I think of what you would do
and I can see your face.

I pick up my pen
and I feel your influence run through my hands.

Yes I am forever
the Daughter of the Beloved Poetry Man.


3 Responses to “My Family Rocks! Sunday: “Poetry Man” (poem for Father’s Day)”

  1. GodGirl Says:

    Oh Amber… I’m sure words can’t describe the loss you’ve felt in saying goodbye (temporarily at least) to such a wonderful, amazing man of God and father. Thank you for sharing this testimony to a person who truly lived for God, and who you continue to reflect in so many ways. God bless your heart as it still hurts I’m sure.. xx

    • amberdover Says:

      Thank you sweet sister 🙂 All praise goes to the Lord! I have been so privileged to see Christ change the lives of many and one of those people were my Dad. I miss my Dad a lot but I feel closest to him when I’m spending time with Jesus. I know all the good things I loved about my Dad came from our Heavenly Father. I hate to think of how our lives would’ve been had the Father not stepped in and changed our course. I hope to write about that testimony soon. I know my Dad is having a blast talking to Job and Paul…..especially Christ face to face. Honestly I was rather jealous and angry at first that Dad got to go first and left me here to face the end times. But now I’m happy to know I have more time to glorify God on this earth. We only get one life… shot to change the world. ((hugs))

  2. amberdover Says:

    Reblogged this on amberdover and commented:

    A post from a couple of years ago. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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