The High King Lives

June 20, 2012

I love this inspirational message. Thanks God Girl. I’m happy to reblog :). I hope this will show up in email. If not you can read it on my actual webpage. I, too, have played the Martha. But really if the dishes pile up it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture for the pile of laundry. This is a great reminder to see the big picture. God bless & remember the High King Lives! ~Amber Dover

It's a God thing...

This morning I think I just might have blissed out… And no, not by means of an ayurvedic massage inspired by ancient practices in the Himalayan mountains or anything like that. But in the domestic sense.

Call me crazy, but I had my hands in hot, soapy washing-up water, and could hear the washing machine gently tumbling our clothes a few metres away… And I found this sudden, immense satisfaction in everything becoming clean. Last night’s feasting became today’s dirty dishes, but now they were glistening, spotless and white again. I actually looked forward to the machine finishing its cycle so I could stand in the sunshine and peg them up carefully. In these moments of simple reflection and uncomplicated living, I was completely, unalterably happy.

Before you roll your eyes at me, let’s put this into context of the week I’d had before.

Nothing could bliss me out back then. OK, let’s be honest – I was a nightmare to live with. Everything was…

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  1. GodGirl Says:

    Thanks heaps for the re-blog Amber! So true – we can get caught up in all those things can’t we – we all get sidetracked sometimes. But thankfully He keeps pulling us back to His heart 🙂 xx

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