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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Summer Bucketlist July 1, 2012

Hello friends :). I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and Summer. It’s been over 100 degrees over here.  As I think I’ve said before, we homeschool year round and take breaks here and there. Michael’s schoolwork is shorter during the summer. So we have extra time to do summery things. We’ve been home a lot because our van was sick but it’s better now :).  Anywho, so we’ve tried to think of fun things to do around the house. I found a couple of lists I like on Pinterest and then I added my own ideas to our “Summer Bucketlist“.

We have many more to try but here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

  • Water Guns– this is a no brainer during the summer. Next we hope to have a water balloon war.

Mom joined in too…

  • Chalk on the trampoline and outdoors Twister. I already showed you pics of our chalk artwork. We also made our own Twister game on it. We put the colors and body parts (head, rt hand, lft hand, rt foot, lft foot) on slips of paper in a cup. It didn’t work so well with just Michael and I. And the trampoline was super hot. But one evening Chris called colors etc for us and we had fun.

  • Peg  Doll Workshop: Michael wanted to learn how to paint peg dolls so I showed him. I helped Michael make a “Daddy”  (Chris) peg doll. Then I made  a “Michael” peg doll and then “myself”. So then I had to make “our house” for the dolls to live in. It’s not perfection but it was fun.

  • Crystal Growing: They have kits at Family Dollar. Chris and Michael mixed it together and we’ve been watching the “Crystals” grow. I’m not sure what it really is but it doesn’t look like the picture on the box…..unless maybe they magnified it a bunch.

  • Pottery is on our list but we haven’t done it yet. We have a pottery wheel from Walmart that was a Christmas present. Maybe we will get to it next week.
  • Sprinkler on the Trampoline. This was fun….probably not safe….but fun. I kept an eye on Michael. This arose out of necessity. The trampoline was scalding and we needed to cool it down.

  •  Melted Crayon on hot rocks: I didn’t put the rocks in the oven. I didn’t want Michael to get burned. So I just left the rocks in the sun. The crayons melted enough for this to work as we colored/ painted. Mom joined us.

  • Lava Floor– Simply don’t touch the floor (aka lava). The squares are “rocks”. Cheap entertainment. I actually let Michael jump on the furniture that day.

  • Bowling– In our area….maybe in the U.S. period…not sure….children can get vouchers to bowl 2 free games a day throughout summer. We took a trip to the bowling alley with our church. Michael made a new friend but he made it clear Olivia is still his girlfriend lol 😉

  • Safari with Camera: I bought Michael a cheap one-time use camera. He’s supposed to use it to photograph animals and bugs. So far it’s been too hot to do our safari. He got a few shots of the cat.
  • Home videos: I wish I could show you the video but I didn’t upload it to Youtube.  I used the webcam to tape Michael playing the piano, sporting his karate moves, and telling me about his favorite things etc.

Here’s the the lists I found and also my Pinterest:

This list was really good:

Well, God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Do you have a summer bucketlist? Whether you have kids or not I’d like to hear what’s on your list 🙂 Show me some comment love please.

PSS: That Peach Cobbler recipe I shared last week also works for blueberry. I bet strawberry works as well 😉


6 Responses to “My Family Rocks! Sunday: Summer Bucketlist”

  1. fainajones Says:

    Michael seems to talented !!

  2. Ann Says:

    Such great fun! Yes, I can vouch for the cobbler! yum,yum. Enjoyed your blog-lots! love ya, Mom

  3. amberdover Says:

    Reblogged this on amberdover and commented:

    Hello dear ones! I haven’t forgotten you. I have plenty to say about Belize and Lord willing that post is coming. For now, here’s our Summer bucketlist from 2012. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

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