The High King Lives

Crafty Monday: Memory Lane~ Sensory boxes & other craft memories July 17, 2012

(PS: Sorry this is late…long day)

Hello friends, I don’t have any new crafts to share today. Here are some oldies :). Enjoy the pics! Some of these are when Michael was itty bitty :).

Sensory boxes:

Rice Box

Coffee Box

I also let Michael grind his own beans. He loved this activity šŸ™‚

Ocean Box (now moved to a plastic container.) Warning: fish gravel stains hands & clothes

Spring Box and Moon Box~ Easter grass and then Moon sand

Inside the Spring Box- Egg carton caterpillars (egg cartons, paint, and pipe cleaners)

Fall Box~ green felt, a branch glued to pieces of tile. Pom pom acorns, pumpkins, and apples. Decor from craft store.

Winter Box~ Styrofoam for the snowman and I made a felt hat and scarf. Beads on a string for the Christmas lights. Green glitter on the pine cones. Quilt batting for the snow. Snowflake cutouts…

Felt Vegetable Garden

“Mommy Loves Michael” picture painted on a round piece of wood.

Cutest pic of Michael. He was 4.

Homemade geo-board~ two foam boards, felt, push-pins, glue, and rubber bands.

Bird Mask~ paper plates, feathers, etc… (pic below of Michael and Nana/my mom)

Recycled Garden: cereal boxes, magazines, buttons, bottle caps, blue construction paper

Michael learning to type (4 yrs old). His cheeks were so chubby then šŸ™‚

The four emotions masks: Angry, Happy, Scared, and Sad (Sad isn’t pictured)

A Fourth of July Musical two years ago. Michael was a patriot šŸ™‚

Book It! Pizza Goals~ “Book It” is a wonderful program where kids earn free pizzas for reading. We used a poster to keep track.

Fort Fredericka Museum: Michael all dressed up lol

Rainbow Fish lesson (3 or 4 yrs old)

Cardboard Robot~ Different cardboard boxes painted and glued together.

That’s all of the old pics for now. God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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