The High King Lives

Media Saturday: Cyberbully by ABC Family August 4, 2012

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Hello friends! I had a couple of posts to choose from for this Saturday (Spiderman or Ice Age 4) but I saw this inspirational film on Netflix. It just couldn’t wait. Cyberbully is a film about guess what…….yep cyber-bullying. It has a great cast….some really talented kids. Emily Osment does a phenomenal job in her role as Taylor, a good girl who’s reputation gets trashed on a social network when someone hacks her account. It gets even worse when a user with a fake profile spreads a nasty rumor. Other kids pick up with the bullying by making further comment and propagating the lies. This movie made me cry. At one point it gets so bad that Taylor attempts suicide. Thankfully with the help of a support group she learns how to speak up against the bullies. This movies shows how other kids may react when someone is in this situation too. It’s really interesting.

Cyberbully does have a colorful vocabulary and some intense situations. It is not appropriate for young children. I believe it is good for teens and adults because it is very true to real life. The movie gives great examples of how to speak up against bullies. I don’t support all the lifestyle choices of some in the movie but I firmly believe you can disagree with someones beliefs and still treat them like a human being. We are to show love and respect to all even when we disagree. It is NEVER right to slander another person.

Here is the trailer.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

I really like the shirts for this movie. They say “Delete Digital Drama”.  Yeah, don’t allow someone to trash your page. Delete them from your friends and delete the bad comments. Don’t give trolls a voice. Stand up for those who are being bullied. Whether a rumor is true or not it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves respect because we are God’s creation. I’ve yet to physically meet a righteous person. None of us are perfect.
Words hurt. Use them wisely 😉

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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