The High King Lives

Media Saturday: The Amazing Spider-man August 11, 2012

Hello gang 🙂 Today I’ll be reviewing the newest Spider Man movie.  In “The Amazing Spider-man” Peter Parker doesn’t turn nerd to hero overnight like in past movies. We see Peter work on his new powers and also his webs come out of a machine not his skin. We learn a bit more about Peter’s father and also we get to see him interact with his uncle more. My husband felt this new movie was truer to the comics. I liked that it wasn’t cheezy and there weren’t a bunch of scantily dressed women like the first Spider-man movie. It is a bit dark though. Little ones should definitely stay home for this one. There were a few scary parts and even I screamed. Also there’s a sprinkling of curse words but fewer than the first Spider-man movies.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)
For those concerned, no Mary Jane is not the blonde. In this movie we get to meet Peter Parker’s first love. There are some sweet scenes… upside down kissing lol. Honestly, I’ve kissed my hubby upside down and it’s just weird!  The acting was superb and the scenes flowed. There was one gross moment with a rat that I couldn’t get out of my head for a week. There is a moral to learn. We see how standing by and doing nothing  while someone is being hurt is just as bad as hurting someone.

I think there’s an upside and a downside to the more realistic/darker super hero flicks. The upside is the movies aren’t cheezy and they make sense a bit. The down side is the reminder of the evil and dark world around us. It’s insane that there are truly crazy people like the guy in the Colorado shooting several weeks ago. The psychotic Joker of the darker Batman series was an inspiration to the already delusional man (note I said “already”. I’m not blaming the movie.). These villains are too close to home… much like the Bundy’s and the Manson’s. The villains of the earlier superhero flicks had a lighter side. They were crazy but not too dangerous. Their costumes were absolutely cheezy. We didn’t get to see too deep into their minds. We just knew they were bad and that the good guy would catch them..probably during their ridiculous monologue.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

Yes, movies are growing darker…..fairy tales and super heroes. In a way, the movies are intriguing and mature. On the other hand, they don’t do well for escapism. In these hard times it does the soul good to escape every once in awhile. But when you leave a movie more depressed than you came… seems like that defeats the purpose of the movies.

The Amazing Spider Man wasn’t nearly as dark as the new Batman movies. I guess time will tell if this new Spider Man will get darker. I hope not. It was dark enough. Thankfully it had just enough of good to give me a sense of hope…..a feeling that good will always conquer evil :).

God bless and remember the High King Lives!~Amber Dover


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