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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Meet Snowball, Homemade Taco Seasoning & Questions to ask your Child Yearly August 12, 2012

In this Post: Homemade Taco Seasoning, Vanilla Rum mini cakes, The Fast Food Folk Song, Our New Family Member Snowball, & Questions to ask your children yearly

Hello friends, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. We were up late installing a window AC and moving furniture so I’m worn out. Our outside unit died :(. It’s been super hot. Props to my amazing hubby for being handy. It’s much cooler now. Also, we did something we said we wouldn’t do again. We got a guinea pig. This time we will not breed her or get her a friend. Every time we get an animal a companion it backfires (with the guinea pig, with the domesticated rat, with the dog, with the cat etc..). So we will have to be our new pet’s companionship. Meet Snowball, “Snow” for short. You can see why she’s called this. Snow is albino. We rearranged the homeschool room to make a place for her. She came with her own cage. Her owner had to move so we got her for a good price. Enjoy the pics 🙂

Corner organized for Snow

Michael and Snowball watching a movie. Well, Snow actually fell asleep during it.

Homemade Taco Seasoning:

Well, I’m mad at myself. I made this great homemade taco seasoning and have used it several times but I can’t remember where I got the recipe. Usually I save these things somewhere… 😦 So I looked on Pinterest and knowing me it’s probably one of the first two that popped up. Both of these look good.

Oh yeah, just for kicks…some of you may remember this video: The Fast Food Folk Song (Taco Bell) by Rhett & Link

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the vanilla/rum mini cakes I made. Then I let everyone frost their own. Here’s the recipe:

To add my twist you just need to substitute 2 tsp of the vanilla extract with rum extract. I ran out after the first tsp of Vanilla. It was a happy accident. Chris’ boss said to leave my recipe as is :).

We’ve been trying to get our lives orderly again. Chris had late night classes during the summer and our schedule went out the window. So now we’re trying to get on a regular chore routine and to continue date nights (for us & with Michael). So every other week is date time as a couple and then in between (every other week) is Father Son time.

Michael and I are with each other daily so our special times will probably be monthly. Chris & Michael’s first Father-Son date was at the coffee shop. Other ideas are the park or getting milkshakes at McDonalds etc… I don’t expect their dates to be the same as mine with Michael. I just ask that they actually take time to talk. .  I found “Yearly Questions to ask your kids” to help them out.

Here’s my Pinterest with ideas:

I combined a couple of lists to make our own and I added a few questions 🙂 Hopefully some of you can use this. If so please share some of your answers in comments. Thanks!

Here’s our list 😉 God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover

Questions to ask Michael every Year

1. What makes you happy?

2. What makes you sad?

3. What makes you  laugh?

4. What is your favorite  thing to do?

5. What are you  really good at?

6. What are you  not very good at?

7. What is your  favorite food and drink?

8.  What’s your favorite color?

9.  Where is your favorite place to go?

10. Who are your best friends?

11. What are your favorite movies  or TV shows?

12. What are your favorite books?

13. If you  were a cartoon character, who would you be?

14.  What does Mommy/Daddy do when you’re not around?

15. What do you do when Mommy/Daddy isn’t around?

16. What is something Mommy/Daddy always says to  you?

17. What do you and Mommy/Daddy  do together?

18.  How are you and Mommy/Daddy the same?

19. How are you and Mommy/Daddy  different?

20.  How do you know Mommy/Daddy loves you?

21.  Who are your favorite people?

22. What is your favorite toy?

If you could have picked your own name what would it be?
What animal would you be?
What Punishment have I given you that you thought was really unfair? Why?
If you could keep your room any way you wanted, how would it look?
What is the most enjoyable thing our family has done together in the last three years? (He might need examples: Circus, Beach, Fair, Park, Aquarium, Medieval times, Fall Festival, Camping, going to the movies, visiting family etc….)
Name two things we should do as a family this weekend?
If you were going to have a weird, unusual pet, what would it be? Why would you want that pet?
What’s your favorite holiday?
What’s your favorite season?
What would you do if you were invisible for a day?
Who is the meanest kid you know?  Why?
What makes a good parent? or How can I be a good parent?
What do you do in school that you are proud of? (Math, Language Arts, Science, Drawing, Music, Crafts, Reading, Writing)
What do you do in Church or Karate that you are proud of?
Have you ever had a dream that  really scared you? What was it about?
Describe the most beautiful place  you have ever visited?
What is the grossest thing you  can think of?
What kid do you think is cool? Why do you think they’re cool?
How do you think you would feel  if you thought you were going to be the  first person to meet someone  from outer space? What would you say or  ask?
What would you do if you had a lot of money?
What are your favorite ways to help people?


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  1. GodGirl Says:

    Wonderful ideas here Amber, and these questions are awesome – I’m going to use some of these with my family!

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