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Inspirational Wednesday: Perfection? August 15, 2012

Mask of Perfection

In this post: Is anyone really perfect? Also a great video about Sunday Morning masks 😉

(Pic deleted in case of copy right issues)

First off I want to tell you that I am not perfect. Wow! What a shocker, huh? LOL yeah, you already knew that right…..

But sometimes my posts cover up my imperfection and it seems like I have a perfect family life. Honestly most family blogs you see probably look like this. Sure you may see a hint of imperfection every now and then but overall other people seem perfect. You see the smiles of gorgeous children and the husband and wife smile at each other like it’s their honeymoon. Then you look at your life and think “Why can’t mine be that way?” I know I do this…a lot. Yet, when I look at my own blog everything seems perfect. So I believe most likely these people aren’t perfect either. We just hate to show our imperfections. Sure we may joke about a few things but are we going to boast about the darkness of our hearts in detail? Probably not and people wouldn’t want to read it.

Still, sometimes we need to peel back the mask and show our marred reality. Maybe someone will think our scars are beautiful? Maybe others will have hope that they aren’t a lost cause. If that person can survive with all his/her problems then maybe…just maybe I can too. I have a read a few of your posts on this subject and there is so much truth in this. Technology has made it all the more easier to hide our true selves.

So today I want to peel back my mask and tell you plainly (what you hopefully already know) “My family is NOT perfect!”. I post a lot of beautiful pictures and we do have some amazing moments. I’m thankful I get to photograph those moments so I will remember the good things in life. When I look back years from now (Lord willing) I’ll think how wonderful my life was. Hopefully, I will forget the chaos that ensued between said moments. Let me give you a glimpse:

Michael and I do a lot of crafts and fun things in homeschool. You see that in my pics. What you don’t see is that an hour before or maybe minutes before we had a fuss and both cried. Maybe I was so discombobulated that I burnt something or even made a financial blunder.

My thoughts:

How did Michael’s toothbrush get in the toilet? Oops the spaghetti sauce exploded all over the stove and floor :(. Did I really sleep that late? Did my perfect child really just act like a hellion? Should I have let my child watch that movie? Crap I just gave my child nightmares. Man, I am such a control freak. I was really mean to Chris. Did he really say that to me? I hate him…oh wait I love him. The VA forgot to pay us….crap I’m going to have a panic attack. Oh, God worked it out again. Why did I worry? God forgive me did I just really think that thought? Oh wow I’ve been doing what for five hours! Sim City is the devil…Did my husband just fart on me? Oh, man they left the stinkin’ toilet seat up again.

LOL humorous but those are real moments (still not the deepest thoughts but you get the point). My happy moments are real too. I’d just rather show off the good times and not the bad. Honestly it freaks me out that I have over 90 people following this blog. I”m not a celebrity (praise God!) but even just being under the microscope of possibly 90 people…..even just 50 ( I doubt everyone reads these)….ok maybe even if just 10 people actually read this blog……that scares me. What if I say something completely wrong? What if I review media and become a bad influence because I’m wrong? What if I cause someone to stumble? What if I shame the name of Christ because of my behavior? These are real concerns and often influence what I write. Still I don’t want to be fake either. I want to make it loud and clear that I am a broken woman only held together by the hands of Jesus Christ.
Sometimes I get so depressed I think horrible things or I sleep too much…eat bad things… to idols etc. Sometimes I am a horrible parent. Sure I only want people to see my good mom/ good wife side. I don’t want people to see the side of me I hate. But God sees me and God sees you. Others may expect us to be perfect. The world is very unforgiving. If you mess up in traffic you’re probably gonna get cursed out……oh and I may be the one fussing at you. And yeah Michael will be in the back saying “Mommy, that wasn’t nice!”. Then I’ll have to apologize and pray “God please forgive me and please bless that person…oh and please teach them how to drive.” Then the next day I’ll probably run a red light! Ha! Please tell me I’m not the only hypocrite at times. Surely I’m not the only imperfect person.

Well, I know I’m not. God makes it clear that none of us are perfect. Your pastor isn’t perfect (Wow, I know….so yeah give him a break). That celebrity you adore isn’t perfect (so yeah give her/him a break). Your parents aren’t perfect soooo….give them a break. Your spouse isn’t perfect so give them a break. And YOU aren’t perfect…so give yourself a break. I don’t mean forsake your responsibilities and just be bad. Realize you need God  because He is THE source of Life.

Romans 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

Others may not get that we are all imperfect but God gets it. He isn’t surprised when we screw up. It’s foolish to think we could ever be righteous enough to deserve his love. He loves because He IS love. God knows we are dust and that our time is short. And guess what? He SHOWS MERCY. God isn’t freaking out because we can’t spell (thank you Jesus!).

Psalm 103:11-14

11For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him.

12As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

13Like as a father pitieth his children, so the LORD pitieth them that fear him.

14For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

(Note: Fear in this verse means “respect”)

True intimacy happens when you are real before the one you love and they still love you. Thank you God for loving us this way. Thank you to my family and friends who love me even when I whine or completely disappoint them. I can guarantee that I will most likely disappoint you again in the future. Despite my attempts at perfection….deep down I don’t want people to think I’m perfect. Only God is perfect and I’d hate to be anyone’s idol. I’d make a puny god. Really I want people to see my flaws and still love me. But that doesn’t always happen. Honestly that takes perfect love and we rarely give that…….most of the time we have wrong motives. But God always has perfect love.

What a divine mystery when perfection looks upon my imperfection and chooses me still. Oh why do we spurn your love? Why do we ignore you? Jesus, how do you still love us? It is a beautiful mystery….

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Enjoy the video. This is definitely us on Sunday morning….especially since I hate mornings. Just sayin’…

Funny & Encouraging Sunday video


2 Responses to “Inspirational Wednesday: Perfection?”

  1. Ann Says:

    Ok I admit it…I am not perfect…oheeeee that hurt…but soooooo true! I love you and all your imperfections too Amber! Keep it real girl, take the mask off. Humility is that rare jewel that goes unnoticed. great post!

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