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Media Saturday: Ice Age 4: Continental Drift August 18, 2012

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Hello friends and welcome to Media Saturday. Today let’s have a look at Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. Usually after the third in an animated series I quit watching. The Land Before Time movies drove me crazy. But it was not this way with Ice Age.  Sure Scrat isn’t quite as funny now as he was the first time. But he still brings a smile to my face.

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I wouldn’t give this movie five stars….probably 3.5. It was satisfactory and a good movie to take my kiddo too. Ice Age 4 tells the story of how the continents became what they are. Those who follow this blog, know I don’t believe in evolution. I believe the Ice Age movies make fun of evolution rather than support it. That’s just my opinion.

In this part of the tale, Manny the mammoth butts heads with his teenage daughter Peaches as she deals with teenage drama.  Meanwhile, Sid the sloth gets a visit from his not so loving family. It turns out they only came to drop off Granny Sloth. In the midst of this, the continents are breaking apart and Manny, Sid, Granny, and Diego (the Saber) float away on an iceberg.  Manny, now torn apart from his family is determined to get to them. It’s a long and dangerous trip. The gang run into pirates led by a crazy monkey.  Diego meets a female saber in the pirate crew and sparks fly. And throughout the movie we see Scrat on his quest to find his beloved acorn.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)
There are a few innuendos sprinkled here and there. Most likely they will go over any kid’s head. Sid’s family treats him and Granny Sloth pretty bad. But we learn that family comes in many forms and not always blood-related. We also see that every one has purpose…even if you’re past you’re prime or just plain clumsy.

My main concern was with the short film before the movie that featured Maggie Simpson. I think it was called the longest daycare. I don’t care for the Simpsons and the lack of morals the cartoon shows. The short film was a bit disturbing and definitely geared toward the adults. Sensitive kiddos won’t like all the butterfly smashing. The short did have a good ending at least.

Anywho, the feature film itself is worth the watch and will delight the kiddos.

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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