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When Kindness is Unkind (Reblog) August 19, 2012

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He insists on obedience, however hard it may be, because no other way can bring blessing and good. God\’s severity with his children ā€” is the greatest kindness.

via When Kindness is Unkind.

Great post about how often we try to make things easy for our kids/ students. When really we should prepare them for hardship. Sometimes our “kindness” can be unkind. There is a lot more to this article than that excerpt. I hope you check it out. Balance of course…though I think most err on the side of overindulgence these days. We live in a child centered society and children were never mean’t to be raised in that way. God first, marriage second, and then children. If children don’t have a healthy environment of faith and two loving parents then they will lack. Plus, it’s horrible for kids to grow up thinking the world revolves around them just to find out that life is hard. Talk about a fast road to depression. God’s love is perfect and He doesn’t do “everything” for us. He allows pain and from that we develop character. We become strong through him. Our Heavenly Father is the perfect example for parents and teachers.

Enjoy the reblog! God bless & remember the High King lives!

~ Amber Dover


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