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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Parenting Tips/Blogs, Homemade Guinea Pig Playground, & Guinea Pig Picnic September 2, 2012

In this post: Parenting tips/blogs, our homemade guinea pig playground, Michael’s picnic party with the Guinea Pig

Hello dear ones! Several weeks ago I introduced you to our new guinea pig Snowball. Snowball came with a small cage and we didn’t have a lot of money to buy her fancy toys. So I did some research online and found that we could entertain her easily with stuff from home.

I put a brown sandwich bag in her cage and she loved it.

I also made her a cardboard house but it didn’t last long because she kept peeing on it. I found paper grocery bags work better and we just throw them away when we’re done with them. Chris bought some PVC pipe for her to play in.

We had a baby pool that we put towels in and that became her playground. Tissue paper is fun for them too. I also stuffed a sock with pine shavings and closed the top. It’s now her sock baby lol. We keep a close eye on her when she’s in the pool since she can jump out.

A great post of how a mom learned to let go and let her hubby give her son a hard task. The results were wonderful.

Cindy talks about working her life away and how that’s okay. We were never mean’t to have a 60 year vacation after highschool. Whether you are busy working with your children (maybe several children) or working at a grocery store…it’s work. Cindy talks about how raising the next generation is an important task.  Anywho, this is a good read.

Mom’s guide to the five love languages-

Consequence Planner-

Age 2-18 Life skill list-

Lastly, Michael wanted to have a picnic party in his bedroom. He invited the Guinea Pig but not the cat and dog ;P.

So we all had supper on Michael’s floor.

The Guinea Pig ate her veggies on a little plate. Snowball didn’t know how to use her cup though! lol

God bless and remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


4 Responses to “My Family Rocks! Sunday: Parenting Tips/Blogs, Homemade Guinea Pig Playground, & Guinea Pig Picnic”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:


  2. Rachel Says:

    Haha! I cracked up over how she mutilated that paper bag! But, it seems she resumed her daintiness with her little green salad! What a lady! 🙂

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