The High King Lives

Crafty Monday: Preparing for Fall & Crafts of Fall Past September 24, 2012

Hello friends 🙂 I hope you are well. Michael and I had a bit of a rough week so we did not do any body crafts. We did do some crafts for trumpets at our Homeschool group. My buddy Hannah taught our group about the feasts.  Here are a few pics. Then I want to get into fall decor and some of the fall crafts we did last year. Enjoy 🙂

Hannah showing off her talit and my shofar (that a dog we had chewed. It was from Israel too 😥   )

Michael working on his shofar. You can see the flag he made too.

I LOVE fall! My house isn’t that big and it’s cluttered but just a few special touches can make it cozy. It’s amazing how much candlelight can hide a multitude of sins dirty dishes. Scented candles and splashes of fall colors give my home a warm feeling. My Mom says my house feels and smells like fall.

I had fun painting this fall plaque last year 🙂

Theses are the scents I used: Simmering Apple Cider, Fresh Baked Cookies, Gooey Marshmallow S’more, Spiced Pumpkin Pie, and Pecan Pie. Apple Cider & Fresh Baked Cookies are my favorite scents. They aren’t too strong. The S’more candle is great in the bathroom. (I purposely left the Once dvds in the pic. New episodes this Sunday. Yaaa!)

I painted this picture of Chester (Winchester) last year when he was a kitten.

Here is the inspiration for the painting.

Here is Chester now. Still sweet and you can tell he has Siamese in him. He’s so vocal. He didn’t want to pose though.

I saw this painting idea on a blog and decided to make my own version. This was also done last year.

We will be celebrating Sukkot in a week. This will be our fifth year. We’ve had a family tradition of painting fall plates for the fall feasts. One year we made a t-shirt instead and last year we painted a Sukkot mug. Chris was with us and he really wanted something with pirates. So on the outside I painted pumpkins/leaves and on the inside I painted it black and red for pirates.

The saying is “to err is human. to arr is pirate!”

Michael likes to put fall stickers all over the windows 🙂

Can you believe this owl kitchen towel was only a dollar. I love owls.

The scarecrow centerpiece is actually a fall version of the yarn cardholders I do at Christmas. My grandma taught me how to do these.

I got this lovely basket at Michael’s. The pumpkins (all but one) and the corn are real. I found the scarecrow at Goodwill. He looked like he needed a home. The basket says “autumn”.

Now for old pics. Last year when we made the mug we also painted a black kitty in honor of Chester. We were (well I was) obsessed with black cats because of our own kitty. He looked so picturesque with the fall colors!

I made this child like banner with felt and craft sticks. It’s in Michael’s homeschool room now.

Michael and I both worked on these pipe cleaner fall trees. We glued them inside styrofoam cups. I hated to throw these away. They look like Dr. Seuss trees.

When Chester was a kitten he was narcoleptic. He fell asleep while Michael was playing the piano!

I don’t remember where I got all these ideas. It was before I found Pinterest. I love this cardboard kitty.

I LOVE inchies :). I got this idea from thatartistwoman blog (on my blogroll)

Okay last Chester pic. He’s just sooo cute!

Paper Bag pumpkins- I did these for our homeschool group last year. I loved them so much that me and mom made more at home.

Wow, last year was so much easier math-wise……

Oh wait….Chester shows up again lol. I made these fall peg dolls last year. I hope to make a better version this year.

Mr. Scarecrow, Mrs. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin, and Chester

The tile pumpkin was a fail but I still like it.

Fall Sensory Box

Michael painting fall leaves and he also did a still life painting.

Fall Owl in the moonlight 🙂

This is a poster I made for the Book It program with Pizza Hut. We will be doing it again this year. Michael won free pizzas for meeting his reading goals.

Last September we focused on farms. I love this barn silhouette. Michael just painted the sky and pasted the silhouette.

This was too cute and really simple. Just print a pig on pink construction paper and use brown paint to have a muddy piggy.

Fingerprint cows 🙂

Michael as a farmer with his tractor. T for tractor :).

Wow, we are finally at the end. That was a lot of pictures. I hope to start fall crafts this week and to have some fall adventures with little man. If Summer has a bucket list then Fall definitely deserves one. I’m getting so excited about what’s coming (Lord willing). I hope you have a lovely fall week. May it be crisp and full of spice 🙂

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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