The High King Lives

Inspirational Wednesday: Truth or Consequences (Adrian Rogers) September 26, 2012

Hello friends, I hope you’re having a lovely week. I wanted to share with you a message I heard on the radio this morning about truth (link below). Adrian Rogers has already passed to be with our Lord but you can still hear his messages on the radio. You know the worst deception is hard to spot. It comes dressed up as truth but inside it’s poison. It may appear to be Christian even but actually be demonic to it’s core. I don’t think all teachers who lie actually know they are lying. Sometimes people are so used to telling lies that they start to believe them themselves.  A little lie may not seem like a big deal but consider this: Rat poison is about 98% good food and only 2% poison (may vary with brands). Most false doctrine is the same. A small lie can kill.

We all lie and we are all liars. We are slaves to sin and do not have the ability to be righteous on our own. We will always fall short (according to God’s standards and His is the only standard that matters). It is only by Jesus Christ that we can be free. He IS our righteousness. Relationship with Jesus Christ (God’s son) is vital. He is the source of Truth. He IS truth. The closer we are to him the harder it is to lie. To walk away from God (our life source) is like the earth moving away from the sun. Naturally there is only death (spiritually). Salvation is more than a happy afterlife. It’s about real life on earth as well. Why would anyone reject true freedom?

I dare you to get to know Jesus. The best source is the Bible. It was written shortly after Christ ascended into Heaven. Please don’t base your view on writings done in the 4th century hundreds of years after Christ came. Lies about Jesus were being spread even in the ancient days. The best source is from those who were actually with Jesus and who were willing to die for him once he resurrected and they realized He is God. Remember to read God’s word in context. Get to know the culture.

Enjoy the radio message below. God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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