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Hear the Writer Roar! Tuesday: My Love/Hate Relationship with Fall October 9, 2012

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Hello dear ones. I have no writing tips for you today but since I’m in beautiful Helen, Ga I’m going to wing it. I’m just going to ROAR!! write! 🙂 This is a wonderful spot for inspiration.

God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover

Ps: We are home now. I had to finish this late in the night. All these pics are mine please don’t copy them. Thanks!

I have a love/hate relationship with this beautiful season, Autumn a.k.a. Fall. In the picture above you’ll see my gorgeous parents. I’m doing some sort of E.T. thing….ummmm I don’t know ;P. They are wearing plaid so I’m guessing this pic was taken during Fall. I could be wrong but every time I see this picture I have a memory or something. Maybe it’s all in my head but I see this beautiful wood with colorful leaves. It feels warm and a lot like love…….a lot like family. I’ve had this daydream for as long as I can remember. I still have no clue if it’s a real memory or a fairy tale I’ve conjured. I have a crazy imagination so who knows. This began my love with Fall.  Though it is a season of change (and my family changed by divorce & illness), it is also a season of togetherness. So I love you Fall because you bring families together.

Michael and I at a park near our house

Chris and Michael at my Aunt’s farm

My Dad, Jim Way, was born October 13th. I love you Fall.

He died October 1st. Change is hard. I wanted to hate Fall but couldn’t.  I was actually buying my Fall decor the morning before Dad died. Usually I visited my Dad in the evenings but not this day. I guess I was excited about it being pay day and getting to decorate for Fall. So Michael and I left early for the craft store. Since we were out and about already I decided to visit Dad early. Little did I know that he would die right after (if not as) we left the room. October 1st, 2009 was painful but my love for Fall helped me see my Dad just in time. Thank you God!

I love you Fall despite your bitterness…..

Autumn is a magical time (if you will) for the senses. I love you Fall!

Mom & Michael at the park near our house

Color takes on a new meaning…a sense of awe.

Gatlinburg (Michael and I when we were young)

It’s amazing how the leaves are the prettiest right before they die. Morbid much? Still, it should be sad…..dead brown leaves……yet because of the array of colors it is a celebration…out with the old and in with the new. There is promise of a new day. Change can be beautiful.

Fall Leaves in Tennessee in a stream

I think it’s interesting that the Jews celebrate New Years around Fall time. It seems more natural to start a new year during the season of change rather than the dead of Winter.

Mom & Michael trying to choose which path (park near our house)

Unfortunately Fall brings on Winter. The crisp air becomes chilly. I was surprised by how cold it is in Helen. I felt it on the drive up. Fall brings pain. I hate you Fall. The change in weather and especially the cool air bring pain to me (& many others). In the Summer, a rainy day might bring on inflammation but for the most part I didn’t have to deal with it. The worst inflammation is in my chest and that makes it hard to breathe (or sing). So though I love you Fall for your crispness….you are breaking my heart.  You’re trying to be too much like Winter. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Summer’s heat is gone but do you have to be so cold, my dear Fall?


Fall you have the best food out of all the seasons. It’s really comforting. I love ya Fall!

Fall you also have the best candles smells! I love you Fall! You have new episodes of my favorite shows too :).

Fall you have the best crafts. I love ya!

Fall you have the best games…pumpkin toss, mazes, doughnut on a string, apple bob, the infamous cake walk. Fall you’re amazing!

Autumn, you are the name of my little girl in Heaven…the almost adopted twin that died before she was born. Autumn Grace…..such a lovely name.  Fall, you remind me of things that never came to be….arms I never held. You are haunting.

Fall you are magnificent because you remind me that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, chose to tabernacle with mankind. During Sukkot I celebrate His birth and I think of God’s people sleeping under the stars. I love you Fall!

I love you Fall because you bring friends together around the camp fire.

Fall, you bewilder me. I never quite know where we stand. As I look at your beauty I shiver. My bones ache.  You’re like a rose covered in thorns.

Helen, Ga

Fall, you are like life. Rarely do we remain in times of feasting and famine. Most of life is spent waiting while people, places, and circumstances change. Sometimes the change is welcomed and inspirational. Other times change brings trials and tribulation.

Helen, Ga


If I love you then it shall be with an unconditional love. Only true love can put up with such hurtful blows. I forgive you Fall. Maybe it isn’t so much love as it is respect. Maybe they are the same. Overall I stand in awe of the one who made you. I choose to trust his sovereignty in your untamed excellence. I know now that love must come with pain. Living comes with bleeding. I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least I say that now, as I lay snug in my warm bed…apple cider in hand…home from vacation.


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