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Crafty Monday: Candy Corn and Homemade Rootbeer October 15, 2012

Hello friends and happy Monday! 🙂 Well, the first part of the week we were in Helen, Ga. I posted that last night.  So our school work was hands on.  Wednesday through Friday was normal except I’ve been rather sluggish. So one of our experiments happened over the weekend. I had hoped to use my candle making kit that I got weeks ago but that didn’t happen. On a good note, I got a basket weaving kit in Helen and that’ll be great for November & our study of pilgrims/native Americans.

We did make some candy corn crafts, a crow, and fall inchies. Then we made root-beer Saturday. Enjoy the pics 🙂 and please let me know if you try the root-beer etc.

First off, we picked up our pottery we made over Sukkot. The tea canister turned out great and I’m putting cookies in it.

Michael’s owl looks like it’s crying but it’s very cute. We are learning about owls this week so I’m glad he painted an owl :).

We made a candy corn chain and candy corn garland.

This is our crow 🙂

I love making fall inchies. It’s always a joint effort. We got the idea from thatartistwoman. She’s on my blogroll. This years turned out so much better than last year.

We used a lot of her methods (like flicking paint in a box and using saran-wrap. Also contact paper).

Surprisingly we had some early multiplication in our 2nd grade review book. So I used candy corn to teach the concept.

Saturday we experimented by making our own root-beer brew. This is on my fall cooking board on Pinterest. It was neat seeing the dry ice react.

The drink was clear but still tasted like root beer sort of. Michael said it tastes like Sierra Mist.

I’m praying I’ll have a good week this week and get a lot done. I’m really excited to be doing owls and we rented “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” from the library. The fair is this week too and I really hope we can go.  I’m a stubborn mule and I really don’t like being limited physically. I just get mad.  I’m going to enjoy my Fall  dog gone it lol (kicking a gnome).  Anywho, hopefully I’ll have a bunch of owl crafts next week..maybe a lapbook?

God bless and remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover

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2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Candy Corn and Homemade Rootbeer”

  1. godmadeknown Says:

    My boys would love making the root-beer! We’ll have to try it.

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