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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Celebrating a Legacy October 28, 2012

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Hello friends! I hope you’re having a great day :). Last weekend we traveled to our home town for my Granny’s 80th birthday. It really was like a family reunion.

Granny blowing out her candles

What a neat thought to think that so many people are alive because of one woman.  Granny’s faith has touched so many.

Everyone brought lots of food!

I got to spend a lot of time with Granny, growing up. My Mom was a single & working mother so I would stay with Granny when I was sick. We lived with Granny and she with us several times. I call Granny my sunshine.

Granny ready to blow out the candles

While we were there I asked a lot of questions. I’ve always been taught that we should cherish our elders while we have them. One day they will be gone and we will want to hear their stories. Below is a picture of Granny and my Stepdad’s father (they’re good friends). I asked them about growing up during the war and the last years of the Depression. Mr. Hubert (Step Dad’s Father) told us about his father’s fire truck, which was basically a pick up truck with a ladder and a siren. They talked about when everything was dirt roads and milk and ice were delivered to houses. Things were simple and families were close.

Mr. Hubert & Granny

There were SOOO many kids at the party. I didn’t know most of their names. I couldn’t remember most of the older family members either. I sat with my cousin Kala and she couldn’t believe that most of the kids came from the few main grand kids (us). I told her that they came from her and her siblings. They were the baby makers not me lol. I only have one. We reminisced about when we were all so close.

A few of the kids at the party. I couldn’t get a panoramic view unfortunately. You can see Michael in the solid red shirt.

Some of my cousins and their spouses

I sat with my Aunts and Uncles and they talked about how now they are the old ones. Many of the great aunts and uncles are gone. I remember my Aunts and Uncles joking around so much. They still do but now you can tell their bones ache. It’s strange that I can relate to them more…..that I understand. Everyone my age seems younger than me. But I’ve always felt aged…….way more than my years. I really feel it these days. I spent a good portion of the evening curled up on a sofa with my handy dandy heating pad and covered with blankets. I didn’t expect it to be so cold. When I woke up I could hear everyone laughing and talking. Not everything has changed.

My Granny and her kids. My mom is right behind her in the white sweater.

My bunch with cousin Ben at the end.

Michael and I visited my Dad’s grave as we always do when we go home. My Dad loved to cook so I put an owl chef on his grave. Michael reminds me so much of Daddy. My cousin thought so too. Michael is also beyond his years. I think that happens to people who experience pain & death early on. It changes them. It makes the world look different. Because I was an only child for part of the year (my half sister visited on Holidays and during Summer) I really got close to adults. I got to know my great aunts and great uncles…some great greats…2nd and 3rd cousins etc. I got to know the generation that died off when I was a kid. Some of my cousins have seen even more…..with their own siblings dying in their youth.  You can see how it’s changed them. How one life can affect so many.

Daddy’s grave

Then I think of Granny. In her eighty years she has lost siblings, parents, grand children, friends, and even a spouse. She has seen so much but she still pushes on. She encourages and counsels so many….even other people’s kids and grand kids. So many come to her. She holds our family together. One woman…….praying all alone in the quiet of her small home can affect the lives of so many.

Granny & Mr. Hubert at the special table. They look like prom queen and king lol.

Granny isn’t a movie star. She’s not world famous. But I know she is famous to the angels. God sees her faithfulness. I pray Granny has many years left. I pray she continues to touch so many lives. She is my sunshine. She is one of my heroes. We should seek out people like her. The stories of our Godly elders should be more important than celebrity gossip.

The main family back at Granny’s place for coffee and good times. The rest are inside.

You many not have living grand parents but there are so many elderly sitting alone day after day in the nursing homes. They have amazing stories to tell. They need someone to listen…to love them. These people should have a place of honor but so many of them don’t. So many are left and forgotten. I pray we will learn from our elders and teach our children to respect them. So maybe one day when we are elders (Lord willing), we won’t be thrown aside and forgotten. Hopefully our children will take care of us and treat us with respect. I pray we will be treated like fellow human beings.

Granny isn’t just my grandmother. She’s my friend.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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