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Crafty Monday: Bats, Falling Leaves, & World Pasta Day November 5, 2012

In Today’s Post: Bat crafts, a beautiful spider web, leaf crafts, acorns, World Pasta Day, the Tower of Babel, Covenant object lesson, pumpkin sun catchers, and more :).

Hello friends :). Well, I am a week behind for Mondays so you’ll get two weeks worth today.

We don’t do many Bible crafts except holidays but the Bob Jones devotion has a lot of colorful pictures etc. I’m really liking it a lot. Many of you fellow moms have some great Bible craft ideas.ย  The week before we studied Noah and the Ark and later the tower of Babel. Michael puts his new Bible to use and the Bob Jones devo has him learning to use the contents page.ย  I”m going to try to do Bible crafts once a week.

We made the tower of Babel and I used a ruler to show God’s promises, as an object lesson.

Bible crafts here:

Object lesson here:

I really like this candy corn idea. You use the candy to explain the Trinity (the best it can be explained).

We’ve finished most of our fall crafts and will start Pilgrims and Native Americans soon, Lord willing.

We have really painted beautiful pictures with water colors lately.

Forest Collage– you can do this for any season. I really love the autumn colors.

We printed out the trunks and the blank tree tops. Michael used a q-tip to dot leaves.

Then we smeared the colors after they had dried just a bit.

Michael painted a lovely water color background.

When it dried we glued the trees to it. We added fall leaves on the hill using the same q-tip process.

Voila! Pure genius…though it wasn’t my idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Acorn picture frame ~We had fun gathering acorn tops. We tried to do an acorn sewing card but it didn’t work. So we stuck it in the frame with orange paper. I love the look.

Michael learned how to use the hot glue gun.

We had some great books for story time. You will see a couple in these pictures :).

We had trampoline math again. We finally used the card games we bought. This one is a matching time game but it can be modified to play other time games. We also played with the money card game.

We didn’t carve a pumpkin this year. So I just let Michael color a face on a small one.

Spider and Leaves ~I love this craft. It’s just beautiful!

I really like how it turned out. Pastel resist is a fun method.

And fall is not complete without leaf rubbings :)! (pictured up top on the bulletin board)

These pumpkin and leaf sun catchers don’t really work but they look nice anyways.

I traced the patterns onto wax paper and Michael painted them

World Pasta Day ~My buddy Rachel hosted our homeschool group the other week. She’s very crafty :). We had spaghetti and meatball cupcakes (just looked like it…tasted very sweet). She taught the kids about pasta by video and book.

The kids counted different pasta types and logged them on a graph.

Rachel got the kids to do the noodle and meatball dance !

Michael used pasta to make a rocket-ship picture.

Rachel reading to the kids. We had a blast Mrs. Rachel! You’re awesome. Check out her wonderful blog:

2nd week of crafts

Blowing Trees ~ Michael blew the paint around with a straw to form trees. Later we added glue for leaves and sprinkled it with glitter.

Pumpkin Patch Art~ Another water color background. Michael used his fists to stamp the orange pumpkins. We used glitter and glue for the lines on them and a green marker for the vine.

Chris helped Michael fold this origami bat. We were getting ready for the Fall Festival.

Great books and a toilet paper roll bat

Me in the Four Seasons~ Michael drew pictures for each season and he wrote about them. I taped his picture on the paper. Another Pinterest idea.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Owls Study:

Apples Study:

Candy Corn, Crows, & Homemade Rootbeer:

Pumpkins & Scarecrows:


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  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh my gosh, no you didn’t! LOL! You have a shot of me doing “the meatball move!” NOT COOL! LOL! Anyway, thank you for the support! I am loving that Fall picture Michael did! Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚

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