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Until We Meet Again Dear Sheri- in honor of a pure soul November 5, 2012

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Today a beautiful lady has passed to be with Jesus. Sheri Jahner was a fellow homeschool mom& she fought bravely though colon cancer. It spread. Before Sheri moved to Texas, she attended our homeschool group. She taught the kids Spanish. I got to know her through Hannah, one of her best friends. I saw Sheri’s faith bloom through her hardship and through her friendship with Hannah. She kept that strong faith til the end. I believe she passed peacefully as well.

Sheri, is the one who encouraged me to do NaNoWriMo a year or two before.  She encouraged me in so many ways. I didn’t get very close to her but when I did talk to her I knew she understood the struggle of illness. Hers was a different sort and on a different scale. So I looked up to her. She was always able to let go of the non-essentials. She focused on what was important. She believed her illness kept her from focusing on worldly things that didn’t matter. I know she kept very close to her family and I’m thankful they were all able to take a trip to Cambodia this year.

We live in such a fast paced world. It’s funny how those who know they have little time tend to slow down and savor things. But we who think we have forever rush through life and miss everything. I pray we will all be more like Sheri. You can learn more about this wonderful woman at her blog below. She used it to make others aware of rectal cancer.

Here is her blog about life and homeschooling. We can learn from her.

I like what she said in this post:

“Homeschooling to me is a mixture of experiences.  Some experiences come from books, some come from living life.”

“I sometimes feel like we should have a cleaner home because we’re in it all the time.  However, if I spent all my time cleaning, homeschooling would go right out the window.  So we try to balance the cleaning with the learning.”


Today let’s all pause in memory of Sheri. Take the time to hug your kids and just let them be kids. Let them explore. Let them learn naturally.

Love and blessings, Amber Dover


8 Responses to “Until We Meet Again Dear Sheri- in honor of a pure soul”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    So sorry, I will be praying for her family.:( I remember her teaching spanish at the home school group. So glad her life was so full and she gave so much to her family and those around her.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Amber, Hannah told me that right before she passed, she opened her eyes, looked up, and smiled. That was the last thing she did. Praise God! She is with Jesus, our King. How fortunate you were to know her! Love you!

    • amberdover Says:

      Thank you so much for telling me. I didn’t get very close because I was scared to. Especially after my Dad dying. I wish I would’ve though. I didn’t think I would be affected as much as I am but it’s like a ton of bricks hit me in the head. I know Hannah is having it really hard. But I did talk to Sheri at the group and we talked about her faith the last day I saw her….just me and her. We talked about her illness some. She knew I was struggling with chronic illness too….just a different type. She really encouraged me. It’s hard for me to understand God taking a mom away from her two kids. Her boy was Michael’s age. I know I must trust him though. She really never looked sick when I saw her. Thank you Rachel for being a good friend to me and Hannah. love you too

  3. nikky44 Says:

    Thinking of you and praying for her and her family. My mother died of colon cancer. Last thing she did is singing to me ❤

    • amberdover Says:

      ((hugs)) Thank you Nikky. That’s wonderful that she sang to you. I found out that Sheri looked up and smiled when she passed. That encourages me. Colon Cancer is a horrible thing. I’m sorry you lost your mom. Love you

  4. Eric Jahner Says:

    Amber, thank you for writing this about Sheri. I stop back regularly to re-read your words. I know Sheri cherished all of the friends and experiences she made while in Georgia.

    • amberdover Says:

      Your welcome and thank you so much for reading Eric. Ya’ll have been in our prayers and I know you must miss her terribly. Sheri was such a sweet spirit and I know she loved ya’ll to pieces. I pray life goes well for you and that God holds you in His arms. Please tell the kiddos that Michael says hello and we miss them. God bless!

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