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A Late Crafty Monday: Native Americans & Thanksgiving Past (plus U.K. Country Study) November 13, 2012

Note: I mean’t to post this earlier but I’ve been busy with a sick kiddo & crafting Christmas gifts.

In this Post: Native American crafts, U.K. crafts, Thanksgiving crafts from the past, Fisher’s of Men Bible Craft, and Mini Pumpkin cakes.

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a busy week with Native American crafts and our homeschool group did a U.K. Country Study that was a lot of fun. We’re already gearing up for Thanksgiving over here at the Dover’s. This week we will be looking at the Pilgrims but you’ll have to wait til next Monday to see the crafts ;).

Two years ago, Michael and I painted a Thanksgiving scene. We used it as a backdrop for our “Thanksgiving” play. Nana (my mom) came over and played a Native American with Michael. I was a pilgrim. It’s kind of funny and NO ONE watched it but it was still fun to put on. We’ve put on other family plays before just for the heck of it. Chris usually narrates or films.

We read several books about Squanto and the Mayflower etc. Did Michael retain them? Not at all…so maybe this year he will finally soak up this knowledge. He’s reading a chapter book on Squanto and I got every Thanksgiving book I could find at the library for story time. We will see….

Thanksgiving Past:

Peg doll Native Americans & paper bag teepee

Camp Site Painting

Thankful Tree

Native American Picture Writing

Native American Rattle, Canoe, & Teepee

Native American Crafts this Week

crafts here:


Vest & Head dress

Paper Canoe

Michael added this to his Native American play set and felt garden.

Bead Necklace

Medicine Bag

I bought this kit at Michael’s Craft Store.

I love Michael’s faces while sewing :).

Michael at Plymouth

Mini Pumpkin Cakes

These are simply spice cakes with cream cheese frosting and caramels for stems. Michael and his buddies Olivia and Liam added the orange sprinkles.

I found these money magnets at the Dollar Tree.

U.K. Country Study

Our homeschool group had a lovely country study. All the moms brought British food. We had tea sandwiches by Hannah, Bangers and Mash (Rachel), tarts, and the British flag (Rachel). We had hot tea with milk, the way I like it :).

Hannah read books about being a knight. Rachel showed us how to make a coat of arms shield and a “tea” card.

Each section on the shield represents something. The  left top corner is Michael as an astronaut, top right is a cross for our Faith, bottom left is a Zebra to represent E.D.S. the hereditary “zebra” disease that runs in our family, and bottom right is our family. The Zebra is for awareness and remembrance of my Dad.

Our Bible craft for the week is about being Fishers of Men, meaning reaching people for Christ.

I leave you with the videos we watched on Native American tribes.

God bless & remember the High King lives!~ Amber Dover

Pilgrim Crafts:

More Thanksgiving Crafts:


2 Responses to “A Late Crafty Monday: Native Americans & Thanksgiving Past (plus U.K. Country Study)”

  1. godmadeknown Says:

    Wow! What a lot of fun! Especially loved the family play. What a cool grandma!

    • amberdover Says:

      Yeah, she is :). Mom also played Pharaoh in our Passover play. She had red dots painted on her and we threw fake frogs etc at her. She really is a trooper! She always spent a lot of time playing with me when I was little. She helped me when Michael was being born and when I was pregnant. They’ve always been super close. God bless!

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