The High King Lives

A Very Late Crafty Monday: Gearing Up for the Holidays December 5, 2012

Well, hopefully this will be my last catch up post and maybe I can get back on track.  Last week, we were very laid back.  Our studies were light and Michael used up craft kits from Michael’s. I should seriously call this Crafty Homeschool Mondays.

It was nice to relax. Michael and I put together this holiday puzzle.

Thanksgiving 2012 133

Nana (my mom) came over and did Michael’s Mailbox Club lesson with him. He loves getting certificates in the mail.

Check them out 🙂

Thanksgiving 2012 106

Nana and Michael putting together a foam snowman.

Thanksgiving 2012 107

Foam angels. Thank you Michael’s Craft store!

Thanksgiving 2012 108

Math games on my tablet. I found great games for telling time, money, and arithmetic. I keep it in Kid mode with my Zoodles app…that way it’s safe.

Thanksgiving 2012 111

Michael reading a Magic Treehouse book about Thanksgiving. He loves his Angry Birds hat :). Yes, he’s in part pajamas. We do that sometimes and it’s fun.

Thanksgiving 2012 113

Our homeschool group had an artist guest host for us. She brought canvases with drawings already sketched on. The kids painted the pictures.

Thanksgiving 2012 123

Michael’s Christmas tree

Thanksgiving 2012 125

We surprised Chris and helped decorate his office for Christmas. Michael is putting up a foam manger.

Thanksgiving 2012 126

So I added some lights to Chris’ desk and Michael gave him the tree painting.

Thanksgiving 2012 129

We pulled out the office tree and Michael and I decorated with the ornaments we bought….all from the Dollar Tree.

Thanksgiving 2012 132

I promised you a pic of our Christmas village once it was ready. It’s hard to see but this is on top of our piano. When I was a kid, my grandma had a Christmas village we put in her bay window. We always had a large real tree. I don’t know why I’m allergic to them now :(. Anywho, good memories.

Thanksgiving 2012 092

So I’m excited about advent and the beauty of the Christmas season. Michael’s been reading “A Question of Yams”  for his devotions. It’s a book based on true events that happened to a missionary. It’s really neat. Tomorrow he starts a study on the Nativity. I’m really enjoying his Bob Jones Devotional. Not only is he learning the Bible, he’s also learning modern stories of faith and about historical Christians like John Bunyan who wrote Pilgrim’s Progress.

I, myself, am ready to settle down and watch this Beth Moore DVD on Deuteronomy. I checked it out at church and have yet to watch it. I bought the study without realizing I had to have the DVDs to do it.

Christmas time is exciting. Still, it is better to have those quiet times where you spend time with Christ himself. I’ve got to make those times priority…for peace and survival. There is no life apart  from Jesus. I pray you make the time as well, to be with the Lord. He is our hope at Christmas and every day of the year.

God bless & remember the High King lives & He is coming back!

~Amber Dover


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  1. I love the Christmas tree painting!

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