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Weekend Special: An Avatar Winter (SecondLife & Sims 3) December 9, 2012

Hey gang, this will be a quick post. I mean’t to do this last night but it didn’t happen. It’s a combo of Virtual Friday and Media Saturday. I don’t have a media review today but maybe by next week. I do however have a picture of winter in the new Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack. I’ll get into that more next Saturday ;).

Winter is my favorite time in the virtual world of SecondLife. I first stumbled upon this unique place several years ago at this time. I was sick for a week and wasn’t able to clog at a Christmas event (I used to dance). I was bored and didn’t have the Sims so I searched for something similar and free. I found SecondLife which is very different from the Sims games because you meet real people and the virtual places are always there. It’s like going to a “real” world because anybody can visit at anytime. You run into strangers and that’s just neat.  I’ve met interesting folks and have been in unique groups in SL. Mainly, I love the scenery and music. Most sims (not the game, rather areas in SL) play Christmas music all December and sometimes you can catch live music at a nifty Jazz club.

So first……here are some great Winter pics from Second Life.

At home: you can see the neighbors lights thru the window.


My neighbors are really festive. I like the tea cup house.


Neighbor’s gingerbread house


You can see my tree inside my house thru the door.

Christmas tree

Frosty Night was a beautiful place for pictures.

You can visit it here:

Visit Leroy (131, 158, 3)




By the way, this Wednesday at 2 pm SL time the Rose Theatre will show “The Nut”, a rendition of the Nutcracker by Ballet Pixel. I have always wanted to see the virtual ballerinas but haven’t…so maybe I can catch them. SL time is behind me. So if you go by Eastern Standard time it will actually be 5pm.

I took a few pictures of the Rose Theatre with my new avatar. Also, I was able to upload the new SL viewer so I have better graphics. I really like the look. The Rose Theatre is such a lovely place. I did a post on it months back.



Here is a link to the post I did on the Rose Theatre. The link to visit is at the end of that post.

Lastly, Sims 3 finally got a Seasons expansion pack.  More on that next week. For now, enjoy some of the winter pictures with my sims. Btw, Sims is a game where you create sim people and you basically control their lives. It’s great for making up stories. You can even make videos. You have full control over the whole sim family you make and also their house and the world they live in. You can use mods to customize most anything in the world. It is NOT a virtual world like Second Life. In Second Life you can only control one avatar and you can visit places other people have created. Sims 3 is just a game not a social network. I enjoy creating stories and building/ decorating houses. Now that we have seasons my sim family finally has snow. Sometimes I like to make fairy tale sims….other times art imitates life & I have replicas of my real life family.

Below me and my hubby are fairies. Yeah, in real life Chris would kill me if I tried to put wings on him. We are also teens…yeah…moving on. I’m really excited that Sims 3 now has slow dancing. It makes romantic stories better. My sims are all dressed up for the gift giving party that happens during winter.


Here’s my “sister” enjoying a hot chocolate. The expansion pack has several new holiday food and drink choices. She’s at the festival grounds and the concessions are behind her.


The snow is just awesome. It’s cool because when it came time for “spring” the snow slowly melted. There are alot of fun things to do with the snow in Sims 3…like snow angels and igloos. I’ll try to get some good pics…maybe a video. Below Kristoph (my Chris sim) is snow boarding. They’re in a Western town that I found on the exchange. It’s great because there are no roads in that world so everyone has to walk or ride horses (if you have the Pets expansion).

Link to Western Town:

I also used the “traveler” mod by NRAAS so I can travel between worlds with the same family. Best mod ever and so far no issues.


I do not recommend the Sims for children. Sims can be very good or it can be bad. You pretty much set the morals for your characters and that fact is why Michael isn’t allowed to play. It’s like playing dolls except more graphic. There are also supernatural aspects with the game. Sims can die and when they do the grim reaper shows up. There’s a cemetery and everything. There are mods that push the game even farther. I have a mod where my sim kids can homeschool or the mom can be a home maker. Other mods though can be bad. I saw one that adds weapons to the game. Yeah, I won’t be adding that. I feel bad enough when my sims catch the house on fire while cooking. I’m glad they have fire extinguishers and fire men lol. Usually my sims die of old age!

Note: mods aren’t made by EA and some can really mess up your game or contain viruses. I only use mods that come from reputable sites like modthesims or nraas. Anywho, in my opinion it’s an adult game.  On a positive note it’s great for creative folk like me. You can flesh out your book characters…make movies. Most people make music videos. It’s like you have control over your own little actors.

Kissing in the Rain pic (yes, they have rain now too!)


Well, so much for this not being a review. Maybe I’ll just show you pics next week or attempt to make my own machinima. It would be awesome to do a Sim nativity….hmmmm.


I hope you enjoyed the pics and info :). If you’re not the gaming sort I hope you can appreciate the photography (I’m lookin’ at you mom).

God bless & remember the High King lives!~Amber Dover


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