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Crafty Monday: Nativities, Ginger Bread Creations, & Snow People December 10, 2012

Hello dear ones :)! We do homeschool  all year except a couple weeks off here and there. It’s great because we never have to play catch up and our holidays can be anytime we want. So Michael schools for most of December. I have to keep him busy or he may destroy the house lol. Seriously, that’s why I began school when he was three. I’ve noticed that he has to be given something constructive to do or he will get into mischief. He’s six and he knows how to operate all the electronics and how to make breakfast. Michael made me a cup of hot tea the other morning. So basically super smart kid+ boredom= chaos. Moving on…our studies are lighter during the holiday season and we will take off the week of Christmas and half of the week before.

Michael’s studying the nativity in his Bob Jones devotional along with his Bible of course. He’s also been reading “Christmas in Camelot”, a chapter book in The Magic Tree House series. Silent Night, Jingle Bells, and Joy to the World are for piano lessons.

One of our advent activities was to make a gingerbread nativity. We used graham crackers instead and made several “gingerbread” creations. We used cream cheese frosting for the “glue” and decorated with m&ms, gum drops, and peppermints.

Dec 2012 002

Dec 2012 003

My house is on the right and Michael’s is on the left.

Dec 2012 007

Here is our attempt at a manger scene.

Dec 2012 008

I put together this train for fun.

Dec 2012 009

All our creations together

Dec 2012 010

We had a busy week with crafts. You can find our craft ideas here:

Gingerbread chain~ Chris had to help me figure these out. The trick is to make the arms straight all the way to the edge of the paper. When you cut round arms it cuts the other papers.

Dec 2012 015

We read The Christmas Candle by Richard Paul Evans. He is the author of The Christmas Box, one of my favorite books. My Dad read the Christmas Box to me almost every night over the holidays when I was a kid. Last year, I read the story to my family. The year my Dad got the book he also made Christmas boxes for my Mema (grandma) & Aunt. I was given one of those boxes when he died and I’ve made it a memorial box. It was in my pictures of our Christmas decorations weeks ago. Mr. Evans is a wonderful writer.

Dec 2012 013

Paper wreathe

Dec 2012 016

Popsicle Nativity

Dec 2012 019

A holiday window scene

Dec 2012 023

Thumb print candy cane

Dec 2012 024

Other books we read this past week

Dec 2012 025

Christmas Tree M&M game~ We didn’t play the game. Michael just decorated the tree for fun.

Dec 2012 027

It’s a good game for sorting colors.

Dec 2012 029

Thumb print Christmas tree ~ Michael used markers for the stump, the star, and the ornaments.

Dec 2012 032

I painted this picture for my buddy Hannah and her family. I got the idea from

Dec 2012 021

I did the same picture for my family and my Mom and step dad a couple years ago.

Dec 2012 020

On the agenda today is signing a bunch of Christmas cards & making dozens of cookies cause that did not happen last night. I feel like crud. Hopefully, Michael won’t break out the red paint before I wake up. We’ve been making him rake leaves for discipline and I think it’s working. Anyone else feel like they have too much on their plate this week?

Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: I know I can’t be the only one freaking out (in a good way) that Netflix has Disney on instant now. Woohoo! Tinkerbell marathon!


2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Nativities, Ginger Bread Creations, & Snow People”

  1. lorettalittlefield Says:

    The ginger bread house you made is in my tummy now! lol 😉 thanks! great crafts…..i am missing all the fun..:( love ya! Mom

    • amberdover Says:

      oh no! Did you just now eat it? It would be too old :(….I hope you ate it last week…. I miss you too Mom! I can’t wait to hang at your new place. Love you bunches!

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