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Crafty Monday: Happy Birthday, Jesus! Party & Crafty Christmas Gifts December 24, 2012

NOTE: TO MY SISTER JENN, DON’T read this until after Christmas please 😉

Hello dear ones, well this may be my last post for this week. It’s almost Christmas Eve! Hard to believe. We had very little work this past week. Mainly we hung out as a family. It’s been SO nice to have Chris home with us.

Chris & Michael put together this foam gingerbread house. It came from Michael’s craft store.


I attempted to make this apple Christmas tree (apple slices, cheese star, peanut butter, & fruit loops). So it was a fail aesthetically but Michael did gobble it up so yaaa!


I read several home school books this week and I’m starting to see that hand writing is not easy for boys or at this age. I want to keep the creative juices flowing though. So Michael typed a story instead and then did some easy Christmas themed spelling work. Of course he wrote about Star Wars….of course.


Michael made a nice necklace for his girl buddy Olivia and he painted her a jewelry box. He painted a bird house for my Granny.


Our homeschool group had a “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” party. Rachel made the lovely veggie tree. I’ve featured her blog on here before.


My buddy Hannah, the leader of the group, read a couple of Christmas stories. She talked about how we don’t know exactly when Jesus was born but how we choose to celebrate it now.


Rachel brought cross cookies to decorate.


There was birthday cake too!


Michael got to give Olivia her presents.


Olivia admiring her jewels :).


Aren’t they cute together! I’ve mentioned before that they were born on the same day. Who knows what the future holds but I do believe this pair will be good friends always.


Chris blowing up balloons for the kiddos.


Liam (Olivia’s brother) & Michael having fun with their balloons ;P.


Now, onto what I’ve been doing all night and day this weekend. It literally took me eight hours to make 12 ornaments. Enjoy…

Belle (Beauty & the Beast) & Darth Vader (Star Wars). This unlikely pair of dolls come together for my sister and her hubby’s gift. Their initial is on the front.


Fireman– for my step grandpa- his Dad was a fireman when all he had was a pick up truck to use.


Snow People again- The two are for my Mom and Stepdad. L is their initial. The snow woman with the cardinal is for my Granny.


Several Nativity ornaments for other family members. I decided not to paint these and I like the look better than my painted Nativity.


The dolls all lined up for pictures :).


TinkerBelle, Terrance (the dust fairy), and angels. The angels are presents. The fairies are for me. I had to do something while paint dried. TinkerBelle movies and the My Little Pony show inspired me lol. Yes, I watched those all night while painting. Chris got me the new TinkerBelle movie for Christmas 🙂 yaaaa! I’m a kid at heart…always.


It also took me eight hours the next day (which was yesterday) to make a gazillion sweets for family and neighbors. Praise the Lord Chris helped or I would still be making them. He did a lot of chocolate dipping. Bless you Honey!


So we have sugar cookies, ginger bread cookies, Oreo cake balls, red velvet cake balls, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered almonds, & chocolate covered peanut butter crackers.


So it’s 5 am and I haven’t slept. I only have one more thing to cook tomorrow (I mean today)  for my family’s Christmas Eve dinner. I come from a split home so I have a lot of people to visit. And our nephew is getting married this coming weekend. I’m going to sleep cause in an hour or two I’m heading to see family. Little man had a nightmare so he’s got to get back to sleep too. I sure hope everyone eats all this & that I don’t fall asleep in the turkey ;).

Merry Christmas & God bless! Remember the High King lives~Amber Dover


2 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Happy Birthday, Jesus! Party & Crafty Christmas Gifts”

  1. Sas Says:

    It looks like you all had a lot of fun. I’m really impressed with the ornaments you made – they look great:)

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