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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Remembering the Beginning: A Wedding January 7, 2013

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In this post: Our nephew, who was our ring bearer, got married in the same place we did eight years ago. Also, links to marriage tips!

Hello friends, I hope you are well! Please keep our family in your prayers. Everyone (including the cat) has been sick on and off. Well, the guinea pig and dog are fine so not everyone exactly.  Spring semester starts for Chris and lil man and I are stumbling through school. None of us expected January to start out with such a….bang.  Moving on…

While we were home for the holidays our nephew Jamie got married in the same place Chris and I married over 8 years ago. It brought back many memories and there were several parallels. But they were married in the winter. We were married during the summer. The wedding planner seemed to remember us. She looked at Chris’ hair funny.

He looked a lot different 8 years ago.


ChristmasHoliday2012 096

ChristmasHoliday2012 098

This was the minister’s first wedding for a close friend. Nephew’s minister on the right.

ChristmasHoliday2012 083

You could tell he was nervous and he really reminded me of our minister. Our former youth minister did his first wedding with us. He was nervous too…

Wedding 003

We were married just as young. I was 19 and Chris was 20. Pic below of our nephew and his bride.

ChristmasHoliday2012 090

Me and Chris Sept 2004


Nephew cutting their cake 2012

ChristmasHoliday2012 093

Our cake 2004


A sweet pic. I couldn’t help capturing their flower girl eating a cookie….in her own little world 🙂

ChristmasHoliday2012 091

My cousin and flower girl is now a senior in Highschool.


Our  guests found kittens at our wedding in 2004.


Our Nephew had a puppy at his…


Me, Chris, and his three brothers in 2004.

Wedding 027

Chris and his brothers minus one in 2012. Chris’ eldest brother on the right is father of the groom.

ChristmasHoliday2012 095

It’s hard to believe that this same nephew was our ring bearer. He was ten or 11 then. Now he’s a grown man with a wife. Wow, I feel old. It was especially nice to show our Michael where his folks were married. Little Man thought it was neat too. I thought I had taken his picture but I guess not.  I wasn’t feeling well so we left early.

Here are some great marriage links from the Peaceful Wife and her hubby:

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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