The High King Lives

My Family Rocks! Sunday: Warner Robins Museum of Aviation January 13, 2013

Last weekend, Michael and Chris took one of their firsts guy trips together. They went to Warner Robins, Ga to the Aviation Museum. It was supposed to be a field trip to go along with our Time Machine studies but I was sick and sent them off happily.  I will let Chris take over from here and give descriptions for the pictures. Enjoy!

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

Pics from the Museum of Aviation

Warner Robins 2013 045

The first aircraft you see when you arrive, the Boeing B-1 Lancer. It’s a long range bomber from the mid 80’s.

Warner Robins 2013 046

This is the first jet on display when you walk into the south Entrance. It’s an f-15 Eagle.

Warner Robins 2013 047

This is a P-51 Mustang, the fighter plane of World War 2. This one says “Furious Frankie” on the nose.

Warner Robins 2013 049

This is an old MB. Produced by both Willys and as the Ford GPW, it became the known as the Jeep.

Warner Robins 2013 050

Michael looking at some of the flight gear worn by pilots during WWII.

Warner Robins 2013 051

Michael standing beside a squadron guidon, or banner.

Warner Robins 2013 053

This is a P-47, another fighter plane from WWII.

Warner Robins 2013 069

My Grandpa flew at this position as a tail gunner in a B27 during WWII. ~Chris

Warner Robins 2013 055

This is a Cessna aircraft that was converted during Vietnam as a light attack aircraft.

Warner Robins 2013 056

Another Cessna aircraft used for attack runs on enemy targets.

Warner Robins 2013 058

This was a flight trainer cockpit that was used for the f-14.

Warner Robins 2013 059

Michael standing next to a model of one of the earliest airplanes. It’s not the Wright airplane, because the Wright airplane had skids, not wheels.

Warner Robins 2013 060

This is a larger model of the small one that Michael was next to.

Warner Robins 2013 061

This is a mannequin of one of the astronauts from Skylab, the first long-term space station.

Warner Robins 2013 062

This is an MH-53 helicopter that is used by the Air Force. Note the 6-barrelled GAU-17 Minigun. (Note from Chris, A very comforting sight and sound when under attack and this weapon starts firing from above.)

Warner Robins 2013 063

It’s Snoopy!

Warner Robins 2013 064

Warner Robins 2013 067

Michael posing next to the top bubble turret from a B-25 Flying Fortress Bomber. It has two M2 .50 Caliber machine guns.

Warner Robins 2013 068

Michael next to an early jet fighter.

Warner Robins 2013 071

A mannequin of LTG Benjamin Davis, one of the original “Tuskegee Airmen”, an African American fighter squadron in WWII.

Warner Robins 2013 073

A Bell Helicopter.

Warner Robins 2013 077

Michael standing next the propeller of a large cargo plane.


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