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Crafty Monday: Time Machine Studies:1925-1950 & Italy Country Study January 21, 2013

In this Post: We craft and learn about the Great Depression & WWII, our homeschool group learns about Italy, and my Tinkerbelle peg dolls. Also, a tutorial on how to make a pretend t.v.

Hello dear ones and chin up :). We started a Time Machine Unit in January. It is a study of the 20th century broken into quarters. I built a time machine for us to use. The links don’t always show up in email so please go to my actual blog to see them.

Italy2013 012

First, here is a pic of my Tinkerbelle and Terrance peg dolls that I promised a friend. I have them set up in my kitchen window. I hope to add other fairies. Click on it to see a larger pic.

Italy2013 011

Pics and info from the first quarter, 1900-1925 is found here at these two links:

My Pinterest Ideas are found here:

I decorated the Time Machine with old news articles and a WWII map Chris colored for me. The links are here:

WWII map:

Click to access 1576901009_225-226.pdf

Italy2013 017

WWII alliances:

WWII Newspapers:

Italy2013 020

WW II Ration Books:

So this week we studied the second quarter, 1925-1950. We didn’t do much from the late 1920’s. But we did take a trip to Cracker Barrel to look for old candy. They had tons of nostalgia candy from 1960 and on but little from our time period. We did however find Bubble gum that came out in the late 1920’s. On the day of our party, Nana (my mom) came over and we attempted to blow bubbles. We had several pop in our face but I decided not to post those pictures :).

Bubble Gum was invented in 1928

TM army party 015

Mom’s Bubble

TM army party 020

Michael and Mom reading the comics that come in the gum wrapper. Do you remember those?

TM army party 022

Michael began reading an American Girl book about the 1940’s (Molly). So my American Girl doll, Molly came through the time machine.

Italy2013 015

We watched the Kitt Kitredge Movie as we learned about the Great Depression. We didn’t stay in the Depression long because….well it was depressing.

Italy2013 001

We  dressed up as Hobos the best we could and played pretend.

Italy2013 002

We learned about Hobo code and used chalk to draw the symbols everywhere.

Italy2013 003

Italy2013 008

Italy2013 009

Italy2013 004

Italy2013 005

Italy2013 006

We also had a Depression store with 1930’s prices. I had Michael calculate how much change he owed me and also he checked if I had given him the right money. A few times I asked him what I could get for a certain price. Chris visited the store too.

Italy2013 010

Then we moved on to the 1940’s and WWII. I was super excited about this study but I had a lot to relearn. Thankfully Chris had just taken a semester of World History. So my hubby explained to me exactly the why’s and the who’s. I had to do several hours of research just so I could simplify it for Michael.

TM army party 030

I read “Number the Stars” to Michael each day. I was happily surprised to find that Lois Lowry, who wrote “The Giver”, also wrote “Number the Stars”. She is one of my favorite authors. “The Giver” changed my life.  Anywho, by the end of the week Michael finally remembered that Annemarie was the blond danish girl and that her friend Ellen was the dark haired Jewish girl. He kept getting mixed up. Each day Michael drew and colored a picture under where I had written a summary. I got the summary from someone else.

We did a Winnie the Pooh craft because it was written in 1926.

TM army party 005

We ate at the Steak n Shake which came out in 1934.


Homeschool on the move


We also went to the museum and looked at old inventions and toys from the time period.

A painting symbolizing the struggles women went through.


Old Toys



Old Army tent



We watched a video about Amelia Earhart. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean (1932) and she disappeared in 1937. We still haven’t put together the Wright airplane model that we got. Hopefully I can show you a pic of that next week or two.

Here are the time lines I made. One goes from 1900-1950 and the other one is a 20th century time line of movies (mainly Disney and Cartoons).

Italy2013 022

Italy2013 024

Italy2013 023

Michael had fun with these puzzle boards my sister gave him.

TM army party 001

I explained to Michael who the allies and the axis powers were. We used pins to see where everyone was on the globe and how the Nazis invaded Europe and then how later the Allies liberated Europe. I also explained how the Soviet Union switched to our side after Germany attacked them.  And how we went to war with them afterwards (The Cold War)  and only worked with them during WWII because we had a common enemy. It really made sense seeing it on the globe. I finally know and remember what D-Day stands for and Michael remembered too when I asked him (Dooms Day). I also explained that we, the Americans, were fighting a war on two fronts because we were also fighting Japan.

This interactive map helped me a lot. The link is here:

Red pins for the Nazis, blue & purple for the Soviet Union, and Green for the Allies. A yellow pin on Japan.

Italy2013 029

The Allies liberate Europe!

Italy2013 030

We were able to pin point Denmark to go along with our book, Number the Stars. It was great to be able to see how close Sweden was to Denmark, since the Jews escaped to Sweden. Afterwards we pinned Afghanistan and Iraq so Michael could see where his Dad went years ago (Iraq) and to remember to pray for Uncle Wesley in Afghanistan.

Rice Krispies came out in 1927  so Michael had them for breakfast. We also did a War Ration Book for the week. Michael had three meals a day, a snack, and an extra sugary drink each day. I stamped and stickered each time he had a meal. If  he had extra snacks then that would take away from the next day. This helped a lot with him whining every 5 minutes for food even after big meals (growth spurt?). There were times that I let snacks slip just in case he was feeding someone he was hiding from the Nazi’s. Michael thanked me for being secretive lol.

Italy2013 025

Wednesday Michael became a British child during the war when the children were being evacuated to the country. Don’t praise me yet. I didn’t come up with the idea. I got it here at this link:

So we watched the first part of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when the children are being bombed and have to go into their bomb shelter. Then the children are sent on a train to stay with the professor in his big country house.

Michael wrote a list of what he would need for his train trip. He made sure to include a gas mask.

Italy2013 031

Then he packed his bags.

Italy2013 032

We made a propaganda sign for sending children to safe homes. I explained to Michael that there is good and bad propaganda and how governments try to influence people by using the media. We looked at pictures of real WWII propaganda for the poster ideas.

Italy2013 036

Michael made himself a name badge. He had to put something nice about himself on it so the foster family would pick him.

Italy2013 033

Our couch became the train. I was the conductor and we made several stops before a foster mom picked him. Sadly some kids were not picked in real life and some of them were abused by their foster parents. There were many children though that saw the journey as an adventure and enjoyed their stay during the war. I know it had to be heart breaking for the moms to send their children off.

Thursday we did an Italy Country study with our homeschool group. That was great because Italy was one of the Axis powers in WWII, though they later joined the allies when we invaded and liberated them.


Everyone made an Italian dish. I made spaghetti. A mom asked if it was homemade. I use canned sauce but I spice it up with fresh basil, garlic, onion, red wine, and sugar. Usually I add diced tomatoes and squash but was out. I’m glad she couldn’t tell it was from a can :).



Hannah showed us a map of Italy. We learned about Venice.

Hannah reading

Then we made a gondola in a diorama. We found a gondolier online and set him up in the gondola.

Italy2013 037

Michael was such a gentleman. He helped Maggie, Rachel’s daughter, with her chair.


Maggie’s diorama was awesome. They used a scrapbook paper image. By the way, these pictures are courtesy of Rachel. I left my camera and craft stuff at home so she took pics for me. We had to do our diorama at home.

Maggie's Diorama

We also forgot our passport. We will have to get it stamped next time.


When we got home we finished our diorama. Then we read a few books about the Holocaust. Two books were ones we had read during our bug study of Butterflies in May. “I Never Saw Another Butterfly” is a collection of poems and drawings from children at the Terezin Concentration Camp. “The Butterfly” is based on a true story of a girl and her mother that help a Jewish girl to freedom. It’s such a sweet story and with great pictures.

TM army party 002

Michael watched a clip from “Life is Beautiful” since it is about an Italian Jew during the Holocaust. So lil man learned how to read subtitles. Then he watched all of “The Sound of Music”. I caught a picture of him smiling and laughing during the song “Favorite Things”.

TM army party 004

We ended our studies with an army or “war” party. Nana came over to hang out. I had bought army stuff at Hobby Lobby.

TM army party 011

Michael and I got fake military tattoos. Mine still hasn’t come off.

TM army party 007

TM army party 009

We enjoyed Subway sandwiches on army plates with tank tooth pics in them. My AG doll, Molly, also attended.

TM army party 010

TM army party 012

I finished reading “Number the Stars” to Michael and Mom. Then Michael finished the drawings. We used the drawings and summaries to make a pretend T.V.

TM army party 028

TM army party 027

I was surprised by how many people that had not made these t.v.’s. So I will give you a short tutorial.

  1. Gather supplies (an old box the shape of the t.v. you want. We used a skinny cereal box to be like a flat screen, tape, glue, and/or staples, 4 old pencils, paper, and writing utensils.)
  2. Cut your writing paper to the shape of your t.v. screen. Then write and draw a story on each page. Number the pages to keep them in order.
  3. Attach each page to the one above it. It will be like movie film.
  4. Then you cut out the screen size (a bit bigger than your paper) in your box.
  5. Then you put a pencil on each side at the top and then each side at the bottom.
  6. Tape the pencils at the top together and then the same with the bottom ones.
  7. Now, tape your first page or title page to the top pencils.
  8. Tape your last page to the bottom pencils
  9. Now you can use the top pencils to roll the film forward and the bottom pencils to rewind.
  10. You have a pretend t.v.!

I gave Michael a code to decipher “from” Sir Winston Churchill. I addressed him as a soldier. We have been learning about the Resistance all week so this activity went with it. I filled in the cipher key to make it easier and helped him on a few lines. He is only six. I briefly told him about the Navaho code but we didn’t learn any.

TM army party 024

TM army party 026

The Code is found here:

Decoding Nazi Secrets

Answer Sheet:

I stamped Michael’s ration card for the last time, we took Molly back in the Time Machine, and we were thankful the War was finally over! Hmmm I wonder what will happen this week?

TM army party 014

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Join us next week for 1950-1975 Lord willing.

Time Machine 1950-1975:


11 Responses to “Crafty Monday: Time Machine Studies:1925-1950 & Italy Country Study”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Amber! You are AMAZING! I am so impressed! I am tucking this idea away when we start delving into history! VERY COOL!!!

    • amberdover Says:

      Thank you, Rachel 🙂 You’re pretty amazing yourself. I wish I could make food look so neat as you do and you do the kewlest Bible crafts etc. Yeah, I’m thinking the time machine would be kewl for other trips….like to Bible days or the Civil War etc…so many possibilities…Love ya!

  2. humphreyjen Says:

    What a wonderful time you and Michael are having with this unit! Also I’m glad you are enjoying the journal and that Michael likes the geo patterns.

    • amberdover Says:

      Thanks sis :). Yeah, I also really like the shirt you got me. We really appreciate the educational gifts. Teacher gifts are the best :). I couldn’t remember the name of the puzzles….geo patterns….makes sense. He’s doing really well with them. I figure they are a part of math. The human body figure looks neat on our shelf and Michael likes to read the booklet. Love you!

  3. Awesome! You posted the pics of your Tinkerbell and Terence (among a lot of others). It was great to see all the fun adventures your family has been having. Lots of fun!

    • amberdover Says:

      I’m glad you stopped by and I hope to have more fairy pics for you in the near future. I think once the time machine unit ends I can relax a bit. Most units don’t require so much research. God bless!

      • Same to you! In the beginning of the year we covered ancient kingdoms. Oh, was that a lot of work. I feel for you. It sure looks like you are all having a great time though and that is the surest way to help the kids learn.

      • amberdover Says:

        Did you blog about it? If so I’ll have to check it out. That sounds awesome. Yeah, the only stuff I really remember from school was hands on and creative. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of that in my school.

      • I didn’t blog about that, actually. I probably should have, but didn’t think about it at the time.
        School wasn’t hands-on for us either, but I am glad I get to do that with my kids. (High school was a little better, but only in science class.)

  4. lorettalittlefield Says:

    Wish I could have learned History this way…I would have made better grades…ha! Thanks for all the time and love you put in to teaching Michael…love ya, Mom

    • amberdover Says:

      Thanks mom and I’m so glad you are on this journey with us. You really are another teacher. I wish my grandparents could have been subs for me! lol I think you and Dad would’ve both done well homeschooling. But I am who I am and I’m glad Michael can experience this. I feel like I’m finally learning, myself. Even the basics I’m relearning and beginning to understand. That may sound bad for a teacher to say but we learn together….so it has to be fun and hands on! I don’t learn well any other way…though this unit has brought back a few memories of the good teachers I had. I remember doing 60’s day in middle school. Well, I love you and I hope the bubble pic I posted was ok. ~Amber

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