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My Family Rocks! Sunday: Thankful Moments & Everyday Delights January 21, 2013

In this post: Keeping record of your blessings, fitting in the homeschool extras with Hodgepodge, and Winter experiments & freebies with Meet Penny. I’ll post pictures and captions between my story.

Hello friends and I hope you’ve had a great week! You may have noticed that I haven’t posted as many week day posts. Well, we’ve been busy with this Time Machine Unit in Homeschool and plus my buddy Hannah got me hooked on a Korean drama (which is so bad for a person with OCD…I can’t multitask because I have to read the subtitles!). Anywho, that last one wasn’t a good excuse but I hope to start doing more than Sunday & Monday Posts in the near future. I’ve had an inspirational post in my head for weeks.

Michael and I enjoying the big chairs at Sweet Frog



So last weekend was super simple and nice.  We went to the park and walked a mile and a half on the trail. Yaaa me! Maybe I’ll walk the Color Me Rad 5k after all :). Then we went to Sweet Frog for Yogurt and at the shoe store I tried on those funny toe shoes like what Chris has. They are supposed to be better for your feet. Maybe I’ll get some…

Toe Shoes


Me and Little Man at Sweet Frog for Yogurt (Chris took the pic)


There is this idea going around that a person has to jam a dozen activities in a day to enjoy life. Not so and it’s a lesson I’m still learning. Often the simple things are what we remember and cherish. These things usually happen amidst the day to day.

Michael and I soaking up the sun at the park (like Timothy Green)


One of my fondest memories with my Dad was helping him with his late night paper delivery. My Dad was a genius but he switched jobs a lot because he got bored (seriously). He truly was a jack of all trades. I liked the delivery job the best because sometimes I got to stay out late on a school night. We would pick up papers after midnight. I would fold the papers and put a rubber band around them while my Dad practically drove 100 miles per hour (he loved to speed). Then my Dad would quickly pull up to a mailbox and if it was on my side I had to throw the paper in before  Dad drove off and clipped my hand. It was a bit exciting.

We sped down several dirt roads and sometimes spiders would spin these huge webs across the road. Dad would grab a can of spider spray, spray the spider, and as soon as he saw it drop he would speed through. He was like super man!  Many a night we would eat at the Huddle House afterwards. I liked to get a hamburger and listen to songs on the Jukebox. So we weren’t at Disney World and I was helping my Dad work…but that’s one of my favorite memories. It’s because I got to spend time with my Dad and chat. We were like partners in crime, except without the crime.

I can say the same with my Mom and there are too many to name…..Pizza and a movie on Fridays, dancing at the park, riding bikes together, walking on dirt roads during an Indian Summer night, and sitting quietly during a thunderstorm so we could hear God’s wonders. My Mom truly knew how to cherish the simple things and I can say the same for my Step Dad Kim, who was with us on many adventures. We really liked exploring in the woods. But it’s probably easier to treasure the simple in a small town. We didn’t get a Walmart til I was in High school. The city I live in now isn’t huge but there are always things to do if you look. I have to remind myself to slow down and embrace the simple delights.

The Cardboard Box- best toy ever!

TM army party 031

Michael made it a space ship for the Avengers

TM army party 032

Enjoying the simple has to be cultivated...especially in this day and age. We live in the time of the microwave, fast food, and Tivo. We have to deprogram ourselves and our kids. When I was a kid I would sit with my Papa as he counted how many cars went by our house. Sounds boring but man….how peaceful. It’s got to be good for our health. Stress is a killer. I hope we can deprogram together. Please send me comment love on how you slow down and enjoy the simple :).

So I started writing down my thankful moments and every day delights, in a book my sister got me for Christmas. I’m trying to write in it every day or every other day. Sometimes I forget. When I’m depressed I really struggle to find the good things….so very small things count as good (like a kind word after a rough day with a family member). I added colorful stickers..because they make me happy. It’s almost like that song in the Sound of Music..these are a few of my favorite things. The idea is that this book will help me become more thankful and unlike my prayer journal which is often brutally honest, this book has just the positive.

January 2013 049

Some of the entries:

  • Michael was asking what to get me for my birthday. I told him all I needed was his love. He said he’d probably get me love or chocolate! LOL!
  • Mom visited. 🙂
  • The story of Jonah reminded me that I should make God and people my priority…not my schedule.
  • Me and the guys finished watching Season 2 of The Avengers.

January 2013 050

Things I need to write down include spontaneous tickle fights, eating Ramen noodles while having a late night Korean Drama marathon, and eating Hannah’s blueberry cake. Seriously, all they do is eat noodles in the Korean shows I’ve seen. So I end up getting these cravings. Thankfully I have a whole box of Ramen packets. I won’t be offended if you tease me, Rachel ;).

Moving on, I’ve got some great links to share and I hope you can see them. If not, come to my actual blog page and they will show up. I really enjoy HodgePodge’s blog. She is a seasoned homeschool mom and she always has great ideas for making school fun and relaxed on top of truly learning. Many of her ideas I’ ve been incorporating or already did.

Most of our unit studies are extras and then we have our main studies that are the bones of our day (like what she says).  I usually just share our extras on here, like the Time Machine Unit. Honestly the regular studies don’t take long if Michael is in a good mood. We can finish devotions, reading, language arts, math, and science in two hours if we don’t dilly dally. Since Michael is my only student I can focus on helping him and we have plenty of time. Now this doesn’t always happen. Usually we have errands, chores, and other things that pop up in between. Michael may twiddle his pencil for ten minutes. Those days do happen. But when we can finish early then we have plenty of time for extras.

Fitting in the Extras with Unit Studies:

My whole life I’ve gotten an F in time management. So I may succeed at starting early twice a week….maybe thrice. Sadly, that’s an accomplishment. I hate mornings. But I do acknowledge the benefit of starting school early. We are working on that…

Time Management:

Organizing Homeschool Extras:

An Extra’s Day:

I enjoyed the video in this post. It’s so true that we must teach our children about Christ, because the world will not. Often they will teach against Jesus. We have to set the example.

Mini Cherry Pies- one of my favorite desserts!

Italy2013 034

Pointing Our Kids to Christ:

I’ve just started reading Penny’s blog. She has so many neat things.

Winter experiments with Meet Penny:

Daily Saver with Meet Penny (I like the Love Scavenger Hunt. Good deals!):


God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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