The High King Lives

January 30, 2013

Great post Ali! 🙂 Enjoy the reblog friends.
God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

It's a God thing...

Ever met anyone whose favourite expression is ‘I’m sorry’?

Some might consider it an admirable trait to be perpetually penitent.

And certainly humility is a good thing, as is taking ownership when we really have done something wrong. But to be continually self-deprecatory? To constantly assume we’re the ones in the wrong?…

Some people seem to be almost apologising for their existence. And when you’ve had parents who’ve put you down, and made it hard for you to prove your worth in their eyes… well, it’s easy to then assume the worst about yourself in every situation.

To take on the default stance of ‘I’m sorry’ indicates a mindset that everything is always your fault. Or that perhaps you desperately need to maintain the image of being kind, compliant, easygoing. Or maybe, as in my case, you’re avoiding conflict. Ensuring I take credit for mishaps that might be another person’s…

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