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A Late My Family Rocks! Sunday: Tennessee, the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, & Meet Our 2 Princesses February 4, 2013

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In this post: We took a trip to Tennessee to see my best buddy Julie. We stopped by the Holocaust museum on the way back  home. Also the poor kitty got neutered and we bought two new family members, Cinderella & Snow White (mice).

Hello friends and I hope you had a lovely weekend! 🙂 I fell asleep while doing this last night so I’m just posting today. So it’s a “late” Sunday. I’ve actually been going to bed earlier.

It’s been a busy week. We finally got the kitty neutered. You can tell from the pic that he wasn’t happy. He had to wear an Elizabethan collar so he wouldn’t lick his stitches.  We had to help him eat, drink, and potty. It was pitiful. He’s been so mad at us. He’s pooped everywhere & such. We took the collar off yesterday and he’s finally warming up to us again. He’s been SUPER and overly affectionate. Now he will be an indoor kitty but Chris is making him a neat cat toy to climb on.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 081

birthday celebration Feb 2013 086

So while Chester (the kitty) was having surgery, Michael persuaded me to buy these two little mice lol. Okay, maybe I wanted to do it also. One is brown and the other white.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 083

Cinderella is the brown one and Snow White is the white one. Go figure. They are very sweet and they don’t bite, like hamsters do. Our only issue is them trying to escape when we take them out. I hope to train them to eat out of my hand but it’s been slow going. So far the kitty isn’t that interested in them.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 179

Now that Chester is an indoor cat we have to take him on walks with a leash. He doesn’t like the idea but maybe he will get used to it. We live near a busy road and he’s had too many close calls in the past.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 172

Last weekend, we went to Tennessee to visit my buddy Julie and her family. I’ve known Julie since our husbands were deployed to Iraq (Chris’ second time). Her son Garrett was little then. He’s not much older than Michael. And I remember when she was pregnant with Sophie, who is now 4 I think.

Julie didn’t tell the kids we were coming, so Garrett freaked out when he saw Michael. He was SOOO happy. Sophie just looks slightly stunned in the pic. She’s laid back.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 021

The boys playing video games.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 024

The kids: Sophie, Garrett, and Michael.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 034

The kids being silly 🙂

birthday celebration Feb 2013 036

My hubby (Chris) and Julie’s hubby (Brian). Coffee of course…

birthday celebration Feb 2013 038

Me and my best buddy Julie a.k.a. Frodo. I’m Sam or Sammie Girl. We had a lovely Saturday. Us ladies went to see The Hobbit and the guys kept the kids. That evening we all ate at Logans, where surprisingly they let people throw peanut shells on the floor.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 039

We left early Sunday so we could stop in Atlanta on the way. I wanted us to visit the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, for part of our Time Machine Unit. We never went the week we studied World War II. There was  Holocaust survivor speaking but we didn’t have tickets to hear them. Somehow all the pictures got out of order when I posted them. So I’ll just put a caption for each one.

Here is outside the Museum.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 040

This is the outfit the Jews had to wear in the concentration camps.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 079

You can barely see this because of the type of pic it is but it’s showing kids behind barbed wire at a concentration camp.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 076

The tracks into the death camp.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 075

Pics from the death camps.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 074

A hole in the Ghetto wall. Kids had to sneak through to get food etc.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 073

This looks super creepy. I thought it was the angel of death but no, it’s Rachel mourning for her dead children. It is a symbol of the Jews/Hebrews  mourning over the loss of their people.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 070

This is an old blood pressure machine.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 067

An old timey Jewish store

birthday celebration Feb 2013 060

There was this neat game inside. There are two price stickers on each grocery item. One has modern prices and the other has prices from the Depression. The game is to fill five dollars worth of groceries in the crates, first using the Depression prices. Then the second time you fill the crates five dollars worth with modern prices. We were able to fill two and a half crates I think, with the Depression prices. We barely filled one crate with modern prices. It showed how the value of the dollar has changed.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 064

birthday celebration Feb 2013 063

birthday celebration Feb 2013 062

An old cash register, to the left

birthday celebration Feb 2013 066

A doll house for a Jewish family. There’s a lot of Israeli stuff inside.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 059

The burning bush from the story of Moses.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 056

birthday celebration Feb 2013 054

The Torah

birthday celebration Feb 2013 052

This is a dresser with mini cabinets. There are clues on the outside to what’s inside. Then when you open it up there’s a little scene with an explanation.

birthday celebration Feb 2013 048

Stained glass of the Ten Commandments

birthday celebration Feb 2013 044

birthday celebration Feb 2013 043

The sign outside

birthday celebration Feb 2013 041

An interesting sculpture: the struggle of the Jews maybe?

birthday celebration Feb 2013 080

If you’ve never visited the Breman Museum in Atlanta, you really should. Sometimes they have guest speakers and I would’ve loved to hear a Holocaust survivor. There are crazy people out there that try to say the Holocaust didn’t happen. We must teach our children the truth so such hatred doesn’t happen again. We talked a lot about racist propaganda while we toured the museum. Michael’s conclusion was that he was glad he didn’t live in that time period.  He knows that people should be judged by their character, not by their outward appearance.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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